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 Where do you see today's society going? (8)

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Where do you see today's society going?

Welcome one welcome all to the 2000's! It's the time when you can say 'Hi!' And be called a bully! It's where you can screw up one time and be called stupid. But wait! There's more! Drama is THE thing today! We hope you enjoy our bad drivers and loud neighbors! 
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Up my ass...

Wake me up inside

Can’t breakout

Wake me up inside

Save me

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Yea, I don't see our society going at all.... with how many retards there are in the world, I think soon it might become an incurable, deadly, very contagious disease.

Look at California. That’s your future - California always has shown the decade upcoming

Society is going to Kentucky Fried Chicken later. Will you be joining us?

Undertale(219) Clarified
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I will not. I better get to Chick-fil-a. KFC sucks. I love there mashed potatoes tho

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Popeyes is better, i dont like KFC either, but ive never tried Chick-fil-a

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Honestly, world war 3 will be upon us soon, and after purging the weak from the strong, our country will stand battered, but victorious, where we will then proceed to purge our government, sparking civil war 2.

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It’s going to new hands... the youths of the world, and the changing demographics. And that’s why the whites and conservative males are pissing their pants about it all.

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Not really. It's because they oppose leftist Communism.*