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Which Is Worse: Physical Abuse or Verbal Abuse



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Physical abuse is much more damaging than verbal. Verbal just takes mental toughness.

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If I think back on my life to what has been more damaging to me (or what I let get to me) it's physical abuse. I suppose I'm quite a strong minded person so verbal abuse I can generally dismiss. Physical abuse can be much more evident in the form of scars, deformation and even disability. I think I'd rather deal with a few name calling incidents again (my last name is a swear word so I had my fair share) than have to deal with being beaten black and blue.

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I think they are both just as bad. I know a lot of people say you can bounce back from physical abuse but can you? what if they lit you on fire? what about when they kick your face in? what about when they take a bat and hit you till you lose organs? what about when they shoot you? does that go away no it does not. I don't care if it was a slap the fact that you will always remember that is bad.

Physical abuse always comes with verbal abuse which follows with mental abuse. Talking down to someone can for many be ignored but try listening to it for years in some cases. It takes a toll on the person and they begin thinking that they are what the abuser is saying to them.

Sorry I see way too much of this in my job and it works my nerve every time.

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I have to say it really depends on the person. A UFC champ can take physical abuse but maybe not verbal abuse. A strong minded person may find physical abuse more worst than verbal abuse.

I think both are worst and both have advantages that the other does not have.

If this debate is base on opinions and not on fact....i would say that physical abuse is bad. When i think of the word physical abuse, my mind gives horrific images and examples of abuse that i fear to say. I fear to say it because i fear of being outcasted, hated, or disliked by my thoughts.

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"Sticks and bones may break my bones...."

What is verbal abuse to the resilient, confident,mentally strong, etc. ?

I tend to not be very sympathetic to those strongly affected emotionally by mere words.

Words are more of a reflection of those saying them, not so much of who they are saying them about;

Some one who willfully takes such things personally, fails to be analytical and also fails to act in their own best interest.

The only exceptions which might garner sympathy might be people who where verbally abused since their youth, raised to be dependent on authority, mentally handicapped etc . Conditioning during their youth, or a lack of ability, may be to blame for their attributes but these attributes should be overcame with age.

Physical abuse however, is a true violation of a person sovereignty over their own body and their life; and not just an irresponsible, perhaps repetitive, exercise of free speech.

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They both are bad...but physical can lead to the death of a person. Which is worse....a parent hitting a child with words....or one who hits the child with a club. Physical also is says what a parent might not want to say, only in actions.

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Physical abuse can damage someone's body and can even lead to death.

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I went with verbal on this one but to be honest, I don't know. I just can't decide lol. Physical abuse obviously hurts, but the wounds will heal. The pain from verbal abuse can stick with you forever. I guess it all depends on the type of person you are.

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Verbal abuse is simple for a very simple reason: It's unnoticeable. When your child comes home from being beaten at school, he'll likely tell you 100% of the time what happened, because it's physical, there isn't pressure at schools to avoid telling parents and adults about physical trauma. Not only that, but if it's bad enough, it's visibly noticeable.

Verbal abuse on the other hand is far more elusive. Your child will come home and tell you about verbal abuse for a while, but then one day, he/she'll just stop. Stop? Why? Most parents forget that this is probably because their child is being pressured by his/her peers to not tattle on anyone over verbal abuse. Verbal abusers don't see verbal abuse as very damaging, which is why they resort to it, and they argue that since it doesn't hurt someone physically, their victims shouldn't report their verbal abusers.

So children will generally get verbally abused alot, and their parents will never know until one day their child is around the age of 13 and decides to hang themselves, shoot themselves, kill people at school, etc.

Adults can handle the emotional wieght of verbal abuse, but not children. Not over time. In fact, verbal abuse as a child is likely to be the cause behind the neurosis of most adults. That's what happens when you're made to believe you're worth nothing over the course of your childhood by everyone except a select few.

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Depends where the abuse is coming from. Both are mentally disturbing and can have a massive impact on your life.

Verbal abuse is more than just horrible words, it's a complex way of messing with someone's mind and driving them to doubt their own beliefs and sanity (when there is nothing wrong with them, it's the abuser that has the problems). It tortures you in ways that hurt you emotionally, causing depression and fear -- and it's very often the result of someone you love/care for (who has mental issues and needs to seek professional help), which makes it more upsetting and harder to get help with (as they make you think it's you that has the problem, and when you realise it's not, you don't want to betray them by getting help).

In the same way, physical abuse causes problems like this, only with physical side effects too. Both are horrible, unjust, cruel and they are resulted from some deeper problem the abuser has and needs to get help with -- it's not fair to compare them. Often people suffer a mixture of the two.

In most cases, it's easier to love the people who verbally abuse you (if you already love them), because they make you feel unloved, self-conscious and full of anxiety, which pushes you towards them and makes it harder to leave. But in the physical cases, it often (not always) causes hatred and a fear so strong that makes actually people WANT to leave.

Basically, both are awful experiences to have and they vary depending on the situation. It's hardly humane to say "you suffered -- months/years of your life were ruined, you were hurt and scared every day -- but this person suffered even MORE so you should be grateful." Suffering is suffering wherever you find it.

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There are certain words so ugly in nature that they can just tear you apart. I'm sure physical abuse is pretty bad too. But, verbally a human can mean a ton badness than just the physical violence!

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Physical abuse is horrible, but sometimes verbal abuse can cut deeper than any flesh wound and can be harder to heal.

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