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Which do you prefer: urban or rural areas?


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Tough call... I like extremes... Manhattan or Montana mountains are both cool by me. Suburbs... not so much. Where do I live? Suburbs.

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Rural, because I won't feel the industry contaminating nature...well not as much as I would in an urban area. The feeling of industry is very unsettling.

A downside to some rural areas are the hicks/country bumpkins. They overly conservative and just blech.

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I can only take rural areas for a certain amount of time. I always think that I would like to live in a rural area, but I usually end up missing the activity that comes with the urban environment. Of course, I get into the urban areas and get annoyed with things like excessive traffic and the large amount of morons. I think the ideal area for me is the suburban environment. It's not too busy, but it also isn't far away from civilization.

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Rural, just because almost all the time I need to relax and a place where you see the sunrise/sunset each and every day, tha birds chirping, and best of all...... PEACE AND QUIET, would be nice.

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I actually live in a rural area with a lot of people into hunting, fishing, dirt biking, and guns. And I actually like living in a rural area with not that many people. It's really conservative which I really like.

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The community there are much better

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who would love to live in polluted and busy areas.if you get a choice.. :)

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I like to live in the rural part of a metropolitan city, therefore, I can have it both ways.

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