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 Which energy drink gives you the most energy? (15)

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altarion(1935) pic

Which energy drink gives you the most energy?

Who shall it be?

5 Hour energy, Spike energy, CLONE energy, Red Bull energy, Double Shot Espresso energy. . . The list goes on and on!

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3 points

Spike Energy man! Like I mean. . . I've never had one until today, but I've tried pretty much all of the other energy drinks in california and like I've never been this full of energy before! It's just like. . . WOA!

| Side: Which energy drink gives you the most energy?
2 points

I drank half on one in the morning and I couldn't get to sleep that night!

| Side: Which energy drink gives you the most energy?
3 points

Do you mean caloric energy? Or do you mean the most energetic feeling?

In any case, check out this sweet energy drink review site.

| Side: Please Clarify
3 points

OH! hahaha. ya. sorry. I'm like really hyper and didn't clarify. like the most energetic feeling. xD like which one makes you want to bounce on the walls the most. [:

| Side: Which energy drink gives you the most energy?
3 points

I prefer redline well and if u drink the entire can in one setting is when you'll get the bouncing off the wall feeling...its like cocaine in a can :)

| Side: Which energy drink gives you the most energy?
3 points

I'll let this do the talking.


| Side: Powerthirst
2 points

I like the Xyience energy drinks. They seem to give me more of a boost than the other ones, and here they are cheaper than most others. Plus being sugar free is good.

| Side: Which energy drink gives you the most energy?
2 points

personally i like the new mother. 500mls of pure energy. that is one of the few things that keep me going at school...

and it also says on the label " when your friends come over with their small cans you can raise yours and say 'did yours come with a manbag?'"

| Side: Mother
2 points

Stay away from them all... they are filled with a lot of sugar (which is considered "Energy"), herbs that might not be safe with a medicine you could be taking, and a lot of caffeine which can cause heart problems. Get a good nights sleep, exercise, and eat healthy, that is the only way to get extra energy in a safe manner. These drinks might make you feel better for a little bit, but will make you feel worse later! Trust me... I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences...

| Side: none of them
altarion(1935) Disputed
2 points

That's why they are so much fun to drink. Its like each can you open could potentially harm you in irreversable ways and you never know which one it could be. [:

| Side: Powerthirst
mike3217(1) Disputed
1 point

We arent asking the best way to be healthy and get natural energy we are discussing the energy drinks that will give you the most energy. And I think monster gives you a good buzz.

| Side: Monster Energy XXL
looool(1) Disputed
1 point

you are wrong 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

| Side: Which energy drink gives you the most energy?
1 point

Monster Energy XXL is my energy drink of choice. After I drink one of those I have more energy than Lindsey "Blow"han after a night of booger sugar with her friends.

| Side: Monster Energy XXL

Well, if you mean the most energetic feeling. Like which one makes you want to bounce on the walls the most, I would have to say Tequila. After a few of those I get pretty crazy and I've even seen girls dancing on tables after a few shots. That stuff is like WOW!

| Side: Tequila
1 point

Shotgun. If you haven't tried it do not drink the whole can at once. There is no other energy drink that is as bad ass as Shotgun the drink has warning labels all over the can. It cranked me up to wanting to just flat out run, and you know what? I freakin booked it around the block. Shotgun makes you crunkified.

| Side: Shotgun

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