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Karaoke Mini-Golf
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Which is More Fun: Karaoke or Mini-Golf?


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I love to sing and plus golf is always been boring to me since I was a child.

Side: Karaoke

I've played minigolf once, and I doubt I'll ever do it again, unless I get paid to do it. Yes, I'm a mini-golf whore

Side: Karaoke

That explains a lot that you play mini golf. I mean look at you you are so adorable and little.

Side: Karaoke
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I don't play minigolf - In my argument I said I've played mini golf ONCE, and I hated it :)

Side: Mini-Golf
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I would rather sing karaoke than play mini-golf. Only because I get bored with mini-golf very easily, and always end up cheating.

Side: Karaoke
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I can't sing. I play golf, so I would prefer to play mini-golf rather than embarassing myself singing. Even in the privacy of my own home.

Side: Mini-Golf

What do you like to sing in privacy?

Side: Mini-Golf
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Of course! I'm not singing in front of other people. I hate singing out loud in the presence of others.

Side: Mini-Golf