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Which is a bigger problem: sugar or saturated fat and cholesterol?


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Heart disease

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There's fat in like EVERYTHING to some degree but the sugar-form of glucose is specific and much easier to consciously avoid or intake at a specific amount than fats.

On top of this, people with diabetes only need to avoid energy-demanding situations (sports, high-stress careers etc) in order to not have a hypoglycemia attack.

People with heart disease need to avoid any significant trigger of shock (a jumpscare GIF on the internet can kill them) and are basically in constant fear... It's not a nice place to be one inch from a heart attack.

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If you put enough sugar on anything you can eat it. Kale? Oh OK. Bugs? I can imagine it’s peanut M&Ms;.

Pour a bunch of cooking oil or bacon fat on those things and you’ve just made greasey yuck.

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