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 Which one of these is most likely to cause cancer? (7)

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Which one of these is most likely to cause cancer?

A) Injecting sodium fluoride into your nipples
B) soaking your genitals in glyphosate every morning
C) Swimming in the ocean near fukushima
D) Never eating vegetables again in your life
E) listening to one of Justin Beibers albums
F) Microwaving yourself
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C. Exposure in areas which fairly recently had major radiation leaks will be a higher cancer risk than basic lifestyle choices.

But I invite you and your friends to each try one of these methods and see who gets cancer first.

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You left out "G". Moving into the White House, a cancer is spreading rapidly through it!

FactMachine(431) Disputed
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Is he really that much worse than Obama? Besides, Bush was way worse, no one will ever top Bush.

AlofRI(1862) Clarified
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You have every right to your opinion, mine is much different. One only has to look at every opinion poll (except those that are strictly conservative voters) to see that I am in the majority here. NEVER has there been so much opposition to a President. Dubya had more than Obama ever did, except, again, conservative (TEA Party) voters. Apparently you didn't see the "popularity and trust" polls from the Asia trip. Obama was in the 80's, Trump is in the teens as far as trust and confidence goes. I didn't much like Dubya, but I considered him President and not a danger to the world, just to our economy. Trump (and Bannon) are a danger to BOTH, not to mention democracy around the world! Today, dictators around the world feel energized, our allies wonder who and what we are, as do I!

Actually, microwaving a body part, if you do it for extremely short time, could mitigate cancer. More than a few seconds though, and it will dehydrate and overheat all flesh not just the cancer cells.

Microwaving -radiation.

Smoking and Going down on women regularly gives throat cancer, in your alleged case.

AlofRI(1862) Clarified
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AW ... JEEZ! You could have kept that one to yourself! Hmmm, where did I put my doctors number??? (It seems like everything good is illegal, fattening .. or cancer causing!)

jeffreyone(1270) Clarified
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Knowledge is power not fright...................................... ... ................................................................................

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Radiation doesn't cause cancer AT ALL FREQUENCIES, but it DOES CAUSE CANCER at the higher frequencies (x-rays and up).

Microwaves are one step up from radio waves in their frequency and the laser beam used in combating cancer is shot at frequencies similar to microwave so before you tell me I am wrong, study some science thanks.

jeffreyone(1270) Clarified
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I was talking rumour(guess it had some amount of truth) not science.... i don't have a bigotry armor i am opened to learn.....

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Justin, definitely. His music gives people ear cancer. You have been warned.