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Which show was better, Friends or Seinfeld?


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Seinfeld was better because it was just funnier to me.

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Which show was better, Friends or Seinfeld?

Seinfeld, by far.

In short, Seinfeld can be very funny if one stoops down to a very petty view of every-day life interactions in the world--which is a large part of the humor in-it-of-itself. Now, pettiness, though not philosophically, morally, or otherwise deep, is still relevant to weekly life in a semi-healthy way, depending upon the circumstances.

In contrast, Friends is a show about nothing, aside from watching the clock of one's life tick away while striving toward nothing productive. It is, on the whole, harmful, although there are some good elements involved that can be taken out of it, such as alliance, low-level bonding in relationships, having a support network for the hardships of life, etc. etc.

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As for me, definitely Friends. This is a legendary TV show of our time. All my good friends know the fact that I'm a big fan of it. When I was working for I had an order to write a review about Friends and it was the happiest moment of my life.

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They are both stupid and gay. How can you hate on Skyrim when you spend your free time watching gay sitcoms?

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