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Which stats actually show crime rates of illegal immigrants?

The left says they have a lower statistical crime rate. The right says studies are mixed or stats aren’t kept. 
There are solid stats at the Federal level:
Non-citizens (legal status unknown) make up 13.5% of the population but make up 40.7% of Federal murder cases, 26.6% of Federal drug trafficking cases, and 60.8% of Federal drug possession cases.

If the above isn’t working, you can get there from here:

Does anyone have any other solid stats that support what the media has been saying?
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Of course you will get skewed results if you only look at federal numbers since normally people who commit homicide, drug possession, etc. are prosecuted at the state level.

Amarel(4987) Clarified
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Of course you will get skewed results if you only look at federal numbers

Right. So I was hoping for some primary sources, such as I provided, but from the state level. My data, while limited to federal crimes, clearly shows increased criminality at the federal level. I’m curious about why federal crimes would be so different.

Secondary sources and expert analysis is all well and good, but I prefer to double check them myself, especially on contentious matters such as this.

Do you have any links to primary crime data on the matter?

Amarel(4987) Clarified
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Also, I know my link is broken, so I added the link I used to find the relevant data. I read in the Washington Times that the DOJ confirmed that 95% of the immigrants in federal custody are here illegally. Though that’s a secondary source, I’ve found a number of other secondary sources that say quite the opposite of yours. But I’m looking for primary sources.

"In 1901 a federal entity, known as the Industrial Commission, issued a "Special Report on General Statistics of Immigration and the Foreign-Born," observing that foreign-born whites were less oriented toward crime than native whites. A decade later, in 1911, another federal panel, the Immigration Commission, released its own study. "No satisfactory evidence," the report said, "has yet been produced to show that immigration has resulted in an increase in crime disproportionate to the increase in adult population. Such figures as are presented indicate that immigration has not increased the volume of crime to a distinguishable extent, if at all. In fact, the figures seem to show a contrary result." During the Hoover years, yet another federal commission, the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement, collected data on crime and arrest statistics in 52 cities. The results, the commission's 1931 report concluded, "seem to disagree radically with the popular belief that a high percentage [of crime] may be ascribed to the 'alien.' " Local data for Los Angeles in the early decades of the 20th century also failed to show a pattern of immigrants committing excessive amounts of crime."

"In the 1980s and 1990s researchers have concluded, or at least have lent support to the conclusion, that immigrants commit proportionately no more than and possibly even fewer crimes than native-born citizens."

"In Texas in 2015, the criminal conviction and arrest rates for immigrants were well below those of native-born Americans. Moreover, the conviction and arrest rates for illegal immigrants were lower than those for native-born Americans. This result holds for most crimes."

Cato Institute

HarrySnotter(17) Disputed
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Which tells us nothing about illegal noncitizen aliens who are responsible for 26% of prisoners in the U.S despite being a small percentage of the population.

Amarel(4987) Clarified
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I’ve provided a link to primary data on federal prison populations. I’m hoping someone can provide primary crime data on state jails and prisons as it concerns immigrant status. One critic I read said most agencies do not measure thsee data. No one has provided it yet.

"The results from fixed‐effects regression models reveal that undocumented immigration does not increase violence. Rather, the relationship between undocumented immigration and violent crime is generally negative, although not significant in all specifications."

"data from the census and other sources show that for every ethnic group without exception, incarceration rates among young men are lowest for immigrants, even those who are the least educated. This holds true especially for the Mexicans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans who make up the bulk of the undocumented population" TheMythofImmigrantCriminalityandtheParadoxofAssimilationIncarcerationRatesAmongNativeandForeign-Born_Men

"In 2000, the rate of incarceration for native-born men between the ages of 18 and 39 was five times higher than that of foreign-born men (Rumbaut, 2008). And generally, native-born men have an incarceration rate 10 times higher than that of foreign-born men. These statistics suggest that immigrants are not overly represented in criminality. More recently, Akins, Rumbaut, and Stasfield (2009) examined homicides in Austin, Texas, and found the increasing Latino population did not contribute to an increase in homicides, and Kurin and Ousey (2009) examined homicides in large urban areas and found that cities with large undocumented populations had lower rates of homicide as compared to cities that did not have large numbers of undocumented people. Lee and Martinez (2009) examined the research on immigrants and crime and found that undocumented people did not increase the crime rate and many cases actually suppressed it. As the American Immigration Council (2013) aptly reports and the table below shows, “as numerous studies over the past 100 years have shown—immigrants are less likely to commit crimes or be behind bars than the native-born, and high rates of immigration are not associated with higher rates of crime. This holds true for both legal immigrants and the undocumented, regardless of their country of origin or level of education.”"

"quantitative research has consistently shown that being foreign born is negatively associated with crime overall and is not significantly associated with committing either violent or property crime." acrefore-9780190264079-e-93

"Our findings provide evidence that sanctuary policies have no effect on crime rates"

"Immigrants are in fact much less likely to commit crime than natives, and the presence of large numbers of immigrants seems to lower crime rates."

Kristin F. Butcher and Anne Morrison Piehl, “The Role of Deportation in the Incarceration of Immigrants,” in Issues in the Economics of Immigration, ed. George J. Borjas (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000): 351-86;

Kristin F. Butcher and Anne Morrison Piehl, “Why Are Immigrants’ Incarceration Rates So Low? Evidence on Selective Immigration, Deterrence, and Deportation,” NBER Working Paper no. 13229, National Bureau of Economic Research, July 2007;

Lesley Williams Reid et al., “The Immigration-Crime Relationship: Evidence across U.S. Metropolitan Areas,” Social Science Research 34, no. 4 (2005): 757-80;

Matthew T. Lee, Ramiro Martinez, and Richard Rosenfeld, “Does Immigration Increase Homicide?,” Sociological Quarterly 42, no. 4 (2001): 559-80;

Walter A. Ewing, Daniel E. Martinez, and Ruben G. Rumbaut, “The Criminalization of Immigration in the United States,” American Immigration Council Special Report, July 2015;

Alex Nowrasteh, “Immigration and Crime-What the Research Says,”

Cato at Liberty, July 14, 2015,

Amarel(4987) Disputed
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After skimming all your posts, I see that none of them are statistics, or raw information. That is what I was looking for. At the federal level, illegal aliens are significantly more prone to crime, including murder. I would like to find stats at the state level. That way, if I can confirm the popular narrative, I can figure out why it’s different at the federal level.

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They literally all have statistics.

They also each cite their sources - are some of the sources a pain in the ass to get to (registration/logins, paywalls, old java applets, etc.), yes - no argument with you there.

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Now, why would they want you knowing that ('they' being both the police AND the illegal immigrants)? They both want you to think it's 'happening but at a rate we allow you to think it's happening because of how good we are at what we do'. ;)