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Which would you rather have your children see on TV?

A penis or a gun? YOU DECIDE.


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If you watch sex with your offspring then they might ask questions. Violence in my opinion is a lot easier to explain.

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violence, it's a lot cooler and less uncomfortable to watch with your kids.

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I say violence because it either teaches the child something like, 'this is cool only on tv, but not in reality or; this is the type of stuff going on in the REAL world.' Of course, if you teach/tell your child this stuff. There have been studies done too and there was never conclusive evidence that by watching or playing violence would make the child more likely to be violent. Growing up in a violent life or having violent people around you all the time, is more likley to cause violent behavior.

Now, with sexuality, first, penis's are hardly EVER on TV. They're only recently coming out, but hardly will you see a penis over a breast or a butt. Second, watching something sexual will actually trigger arousal in the child. And that's more likely to be at least the beginning of their sexual curiosity, which could lead to trying to get into a girls pants earlier than they should be trying. Same with a girl becoming more..i dunno, "easy" through curiosity and thinking it's cool.

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Sexuality is a basic instinct in humans. At a young age it might be more difficult for children to tell the difference between reality and fiction, this can cause problems when a movie or TV show glorifies fighting or killing.

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I'm gonna have to agree with you this time Fed. Given the decision between an act of love or an act of hate. I would pick love for my kids...if i had some.

(not that all violence is hate, or all sex love, but they are the closest emotions to the actions)

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I would rather have them see sex for one big reason, that being this: Sex is GOOD violence, for the most part, is BAD. Simple as that

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Modnar(18) Disputed
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Honestly, I would go with neither if there was an option, but there isn't. That said, I have to choose that violence is the better to watch. It's more fun, it can be made comical, and it's (sadly) been a part of human nature for millenia. Sexuality on TV seems like softcore porn to me. Do you really want your kids watching porn, especially if you're sitting there on the couch with them? Sex within marriage, as it is supposed to be, IS good. But the way our society makes adultery something to be expected is abhorrent to me.

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