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Yes Trump can do no wrong
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White right wing terrorists MURDER 49 in New Zealand. Does Trump bear responsibility?


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Trump can do no wrong

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Responsibility????????? Trump doesn't know the meaning of the word! (Well, it DOES have several syllables and his purchased degree does have ….. limitations.) ;-b

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Nope. Trump isn't the President of New Zealand, and you used to say he was a lib that you didn't like because you were just like him.

Also, you are implying a wing and that European ideas of wings match the American concept of wings. Being white supremacist doesn't make one a right winger. Islam isn't a race. If any lib wants to take a shot at defending that logic, go ahead, have a go.

Robert Byrd, kkk Grand Wizard, was a Democrat for 60 years, with lots of Democrat worshippers until his death in 2010.

David Duke ran as a Democrat in 1988 and swapped parties like a ping pong ball.

Jason Kessler is a Democrat Neo Nazi who hates Jews and is a scam artist who voted for Obama.

The leader of the Westboro Baptists is? A Democrat.

I knew a white Democrat as a kid who was racist as could be, but loved welfare and social programs.

The right winger, Cesar Sayoc, sent fake pipe bombs to Democrats. He was a brown Native American.

But mainly? Most Muslims in the Middle East are as white as Trump, and seeing it's usually libs who don't understand this, and most of this crap is an Alinskyite pretending to be a Con, no one cares. The left has fully earned us believing he was a left winger until proven otherwise. And if he really was a right winger, he was a nutjob European. We don't consider Europeans to be us.

Left wing stereotypes are bad about not passing the reality test. But when you are obsessed with peoples' skin tone like leftists tend to be, you'll come up with all kinds of crap to mask your own discriminatory beliefs, words, acts and thoughts to FEEL good about your own obvious bigotry. Saying libby things is like racism and bigotry OFF spray to libs. But? The insects and smell still remain...

I wonder how many died when Obama called ISIS the JV team. Oh well. He was libby, so those millions of deaths are covered by the magic libby blood of the magic libby Jackass unicorn.

Side: Trump can do no wrong