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Who CD members would be if they where public figures

(keep in mind this is about personality rather than intelligence. No one here is actually as smart as their respective public figure and their specific beliefs may differ)
Me: Jacque Fresco
Nomenclature: Peter Joseph
Mathfan: Sargon of Akkad
Mingiwuwu: Hillary Clinton
Brontoraptor: George Bush
Amarel: Stefan Molyneux
Excon: David Rockefeller
Slavedevice: Joseph Stalin
FromWithin: Alex Jones' retarded cousin


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Except me as Hillary would have won the election, I promise you that. I'd have played every angle I could including experience as Sec of State who slam-dunked bin Laden one month in was it? Man, I would have torn Sanders to shreds and then Trump too. But yes, I agree.

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Mingiwuwu(1831) Clarified
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I am more intelligent than Hillary Clinton or at least equal so when you say 'not as intelligent' I am quite curious.

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