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Who Would You Hire, Part 2

Well, which one would it be?

If you were hiring and narrowed the applicants down to two women, one who attended and all girls college and the other a regular college, i.e. non gender denominated college, and given that everything else is the same with them qualification-wise, likeability, experience and background, etc- who would you hire and why?

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I would hire the one with the biggest tits.

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Whatever for? That's an uncommon practice (unless it's the porn industry). xD

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If their qualifications are the same, you need a tie breaker.

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Do tits , carpet and curtains all work together ? Just askin !

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It is all part of the package.

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I think the one who went to a regular college would be more open to and exposed to a greater variety of people, especially men. When they go out into the working world men will be a big part of the equation; they're going to have to learn to deal will it.

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Jace(4669) Disputed
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You act like college students live in total isolation and never get off campus. There is no reason to think that just because the applicant went to a women's college she would not know how to handle being around men. Presumably she did not also go to women's only grocery stores, clubs, restaurants, bars, etc. And presumably she has previous exposure to men prior to college as well.

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outlaw60(12689) Disputed
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Correct college students do live in total isolation. Has that not become apparent to you as of lately ?

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I'm aware that they wander off campus, but the fact that they chose to be in a homogeneous environment to learn and interact indicates that they are not as open to a more diverse milieu like someone who went to a regular college.

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As everyone has to live, compete and coexist in a world made up of mixed genders it would be wise to choose the one who has experienced life in this natural environment and observed how the presence of members of the opposite sex can influence behavioral patterns. For instance, a jovial comment which some men may accept as lighthearted banter in an all male environment could result in an altogether different scenario if females were present. If the target of the banter did not want to lose face in front of a buxom wench whom he was trying to impress he is much more likely to react aggressively by busting a bottle over the teeth of the wise cracking smart ass.

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