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Who finds humor in those I am leaving the site debates?

I find it funny they have to let us know their ass is leaving the site. And everyone to date that has done this is hated by the majority of the site. 


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No not really.

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It's even funnier when they declare they are leaving but then they don't actually leave.

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LMAO, yes that also. Like who was that troll hang on I made them a enemy. Troy that is their name

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I "left" the site shortly after I joined...just quit coming to it. For years. If you feel like you have to announce it, my reaction is, 'What, you're still here?"

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I've said it before... People who don't just leave but announce first they're leaving are either a) looking for attention and asking people to beg them not to leave, or b) usually too new for the regulars to really know who they are or care, or c) are just one more fake avatar of many wielded by the regulars.

There is no upside to announcing you are leaving. At best you come across looking like South Park's Cartman saying "Screw you guys, I'm going home".

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It's funny because they want attention from everybody on the site and for people to show sympathy. If you're going to leave just leave. You don't have to tell everyone.

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Sympathy to trolls is the last thing I show.

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You can bully and taunt but your real name is attached to it.

Nathan Allen you can not make fun of people with your real name attached and hope to get away with it.

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NathanAllen(2227) Clarified
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I do get away with it why may you ask? Because it is wishful thinking I will ever say this account is actually mine to any employer. Do you know how fast this account can be shot down? Do you know how many Nathan Allens are in this world? Do you? Hundreds the chances of them using this site against me is 1 to a million. I have probably better odds winning the lottery than this being pulled up.

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