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 Who here, has not cussed? (9)

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Who here, has not cussed?

This seqerates the not so nice from the nive a little bit...

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Well I have cursed before. And I have no problem with it. I know to hold my tongue around authority, children, adults, etc. But it's just words. And I don't use cursing to hurt anybody's feelings, so I think it's okay. Until you see those annoying Brooklyn accent guidos who use the f-word every other word!

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Yeah i hav cussed, tho im not proud of it rly

It's not a matter of i want to be polite. It's that seeing media and friends, sometimes u hear cuss words associated when someone is angry. When I myself become angry, i cuss bcuz most ppl understand that some cuss words hav certain feelings attatched. The F--- word can be used as a swear, when ur really upset. If u hear someone say that word, u kinda understand that they r nowhere near happy. Just my point of view :P

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I don't cuss because I choose not to. I don't see why I should start. I don't believe in acting different around different people, and If I did use that kind of language I would have to change myself depending on where I am and who I am around.

Most people start using that language at a young age because they think it's cool. They see it on TV or hear it at school. It is rather childish and immature if you ask me.

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i totally agree with you, though i did not have enough time to type it all up

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I haven't cussed. My parents haven't ever allowed it. Even though i am older. I still have strict rules over the phone from my parents

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Who hasnt cursed?

I dont really see a problem in cursing unless you take jesus' name in vain but otherwise, they are just over-rated...words. People should stop making such a fuss about them. But it's their opinion i suppose.

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I have definately cussed before. I never cuss around children. I cuss whenever I hurt myself I.E. stub my toe or hit my shin on a coffee table.

But I do not like to cuss it is not invigorating to me at all they are just words that express how angry I am.

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I have never, ever cussed because my fuckin' parent won't allo...darn.

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I have not cussed because I am a Christian and Christians don't swear. It says in the Bible in Ephesian 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but what is right for building others up so it may benefit to those who listen."

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