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 Who is the asshole that was bullying Silas? Show your cowardly face. (7)

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Who is the asshole that was bullying Silas? Show your cowardly face.

I am seriously pissed off that someone ran Silas off of this website. No one deserves to be bullied. I know what it is like, so I will not sit by and tolerate this. If anyone knows who was bullying Silas, please report the bully. Thank you. 

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It wasn't me. On this site, probably an atheist. I briefly got a look at them and this was the disguise they were wearing anyway.

Boy, how I hate to tarnish their good name.

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I am pretty sure it was an atheist because he said to me that an atheist was bullying him.

From what I can tell, it looks like it was someone on the "God is evil" debate. He said that a bunch of people called him a bad debater or something? I didn't, as I've never actually messaged Silas.

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It was ReventonRage who called him a bad debator because he didn't respond to his so called "friend" I guess.

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I know who said that he was a bad debator on that debate. It was ReventonRage who said that he was a bad debater. I think it was probably ReventonRage who bullied him because he constantly insults me and he keeps getting on my case whenever I put a religious argument he is always the first person to dispute me.

Saurbaby(5590) Disputed
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ReventonRage doesn't really bully anyone, he is a little harsh, I'll admit, but he's not attacking any person. He debates and gets frustrated when people make poor arguments.

Oh yeah It was reventon. He might have been the one who made him get off but im not sure. I saw dremorius kinda giving him a hard time also, but i cant be sure if it was any of them who made him get off, because he said he was bullied in his messages, but it could've been that plus the debates.