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 Who is the best player at NBA? (10)

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Who is the best player at NBA?

Who is the best?
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LeBron James

Steph Curry

James Hardin

Russell Westbrook

Chris Paul

Kawaii Leonard

All those blokes have games and plays where they can claim are the best in the NBA!

It's very hard to say which player is the all time greatest because team mates are so important in the success records of great players. Each player has strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to go by success, Bill Russell who played just 13 years won 11 TITLES!

Most points would be Kareem abdul Jabbar.

Stephen Curry(if he stays healthy) will probably end up the greatest 3 point shooter, and most accurate shooter when not double teamed, of all time.

Kyrie Irving should go down as the greatest finisher when it comes to driving to the basket and finding a way to lay it in.

Shaquille O'neal probably the most powerful unstoppable player around the rim.

Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Micheal Jordan, Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Julius Irving, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and others could all lay claim to being the best in certain areas.

Since the quality of defenses, offenses, competition, etc. have changed throughout the years, who knows who is the best. I don't believe there will ever be one best of all time.

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I think Russel west brook is the best NBA player because he is the triple double king and he plays smart

Kevin1(1) Disputed
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Russell Westbrook is a great player, but I don't think he is the best in the NBA. His triple doubles shows his athleticism but he struggles with his fg% and sharing the ball.

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I believe that one of the best if not the best is Lebron James with others like russel westbrook and kevin durant and so on. their stats are much higher than others showing their dominance.

Supporting Evidence: nba best players (
Mustafa17(3) Disputed
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You are WRONG. The best player in NBA is Stephen Curry. His ball handling skills, especially crossovers and shooting technique is better than all of the other NBA players.

Supporting Evidence: Evidence (

Michael Jordan was the best NBA player in history and it isn't even close. Anyone who watched Jordan knows the rest are simply second fiddle.

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best player is Tim Duncan .

It's very hard question all time we discuss who is best player ,but I could say Tim is best player not Lebron james .

he play Sanantonio all his career he and pop is best combination in court .

here is player list i had chosen in NBA

1st team

Lebron james

James harden

A davis



2st team

Klay Thompson

Damian lillard

danny green


Demarcus Cousins

3st team


Damian lillard