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Who is the better Captain, James T Kirk or Jean Luc Picard?

Captain Kirk and Captain Picard are two of the most recognized captains in the Star Trek franchise. Sisko, Janeway, and also Archer were good, but these two are clearly far superior.

Who is the better captain though?

Things to consider would be physical prowess, cognative ability, ethical reasoning, and overall command decisions.

Let's settle this age old question, Kirk or Picard?



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Kirk's a fuckin' badass man. Guy's got handsomeness. Picard's too bald. This obviously leads to Kirk being the better captain.

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This entire debate is worthless, We all know that Kirk was the superior officer.

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I can settle this easily. When a civilisation was in danger or intolerable conditions, Kirk stepped in to save them or bring them better lives. Examples are A Taste of Armageddon, The Return of the Archons, Miri, etc.

When Picard was faced with a similar decision, he would agonise over it and genuinely try to abstain from lending aid due to "The Prime Directive." The biggest example is Pen Pals. He even works to establish some sort of peace with a creature that kills worlds, in Silicon Avatar.

So I would choose Kirk. I think the captaincy is too much for Picard to make the simplest rational decisions.

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Picard lacks hair and is an overall thug.

Kirk is just an overall thug.

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This is a no brainer, Kirk..................................................................

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Here's a few reason's why Picard is pretty badass:

1. Better voice and acting.

2. Picard's ship's counselor traded in her miniskirt for that great low-cut neckline.

3. Kirk fought over women. Picard had women fight over him.

4. Picard can fire both photon torpedoes AND phasers at the same time when in battle.

5. Picard's ship is better than Kirk's -- bigger, faster, stronger.

6. Picard hates children -- Kirk once rescued a bunch of patricidal little maniacs, tried to console them, and almost lost his ship and crew in the process.

7. Picard was responsible for Beverly Crusher's husband dying, berated her son constantly in her presence, yet still manged to make her fall for him.

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No brainer, it's Picard. While Kirk was an action man, it would have been bad for relationships with aliens species. Not all planets are filled with hot women, and diplomacy is needed. He could punch the wrong alien and obliterate the human species.

Picard is the winner here for having the best leadership for contacting new life.

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Maybe, but Kirk would do alien chics, even green ones! I mean, if the pussy is green it's got to be bad, right? But Kirk would dive right in there for the sake of diplomacy and establish a relationship with the alien species. He would get passed the smell and have it licked in no time ;)

Kirk is the winner for having a nose for pussy and tapping it ;)

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angelmew(81) Disputed
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And then the human race contracts a new type of AIDS/Syphilis or something else that kills you. Cool

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Finally an important debate.

This is actually hard. I'm not going to yell and scream one guy is obviously better than the other because it simply is not true.

I enjoy Picard's style. He's all refined then surprises you with some trick move at the end. Kirk does basically the same thing, but in a cavalier fashion.

If they fell into some kind of time warp, and the Enterprises had to do battle, Kirk would win only because Spock would come up with some bullshit move - come back from the dead or some nonsense.

Side: Picard
ap0110(70) Disputed
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So are you suggesting that Spock is better than both of them????

Side: Kirk
iamdavidh(4869) Disputed
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As a captain, no, but better as a sidekick. Data is pretty cool himself though... er, now that I think of it I don't know who wins in a time warp situation. I just enjoy the Next Generation tv show more I think. The last Star Trek movie was the best one though by far.

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I'm gonna go with Picard just cuz William Shatner is one of the douchiest douches to ever douche. I remember watching him give an interview on Conan O'brien -- and in the middle of everything he turns to the camera and says, ",,!" Seriously, who does that?

Also, this shit is pretty funny...
Side: Picard