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Who is your favorite band

I can not decide which band is the best

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And you never will and this post will not help! My favorite Band to see live is The Tragically Hip. but on a week to week basis I like a lot of bands, as many band as I have moods. A ton of local bands as well that would mean nothing to this sight.

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There is no universal favorite band. So my taste in music can't help you find yours, if that's what you're looking for. lol

But my favorite is a little indie band that broke up last year and I never got to see them live. :( They're called The Format and I love every one of their songs!

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The Rat Pack! Why? Because they had Frank Sinatra - the [perhaps second] best singer of all time.

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The Beatles No doubt about it!! After watching the Anthology over 15 times, I am still not sick of them!

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I won't claim this my favorite, but they are a great heavy band capable of genre mixing. This song, as well as others I could not find, embodies an arabic melody which truly seperates them from mainstream syrup.


Floater: Snowblind

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(Electronica/Dance / Ethnic Fusion / Contemporary Instrumental)



Supporting Evidence: "Redemption" by Syntropia (
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Music is very subjective, and tastes tend to change over time. Right now, my favorite band would be either Dream Theater or Porcupine Tree. But hey, everyone has different tastes.

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My favorite band still remains to be The Beatles. I have liked them ever since this group began.

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