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 Who made America the "world police" and a busy body? (12)

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Who made America the "world police" and a busy body?

Someone on Quora:
"Why do I think the word “United States” is synonymous with bully and hypocrite? To begin with,America has no right to trespass or invade other country’s sovereignty or tell them how their country should be run. They need to stop acting like a rogue nation. The US were the only country to have used nuclear weapons on civilians and also they have more of nuclear weapons than the rest of every other nuclear weapon holding country apart from Russia.

Every country the USA have gone into have been plummeted into everlasting chaos and war. The only thing keeping them out of DPRK is its Nuclear weapons

I really hate to see more dumb Americans with their ego asking stupid questions like this.It’s bad enough you have a dumb president.You guys needs to get serious and stop sticking your nose in other people’s business."

I agree 500%

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Your do nothing european nations made America the world's peace keepers. You sit back and watch America take all the risks, spend all the money to fight evil around the world and you pathetic Liberal pacifists do nothing but complain while we keep your nations free from communism.

What do you think would happen to all the pacifist nations were it not for America's protection?

What would happen to Canada, Sweden, and all the other nations with pitiful militarys?

America deserves respect from every sociaist european nation for all we do, but you lack the simple intelligence to admit it.

Were it not for America, you would be speaking Russian, Chinese, German, etc. but you lack the character to admit it.

Dermot(5461) Disputed
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The worlds peace keepers ? Well why are they not bringing peace to Syria ? North Korea ? Israel ? we could go on and on couldn't we ?

Where are " liberal pacifists " complaining?

How are Communists threatening to take us over .......? Wait !!!!! I gotta check under the bed ...... for a red 😳

Who's threatening Sweden , Canada , and all the other " pitiful " nations ?

It's pitiful and rather telling that you call our small nations pitiful because we are not armed to the teeth .

America does not deserve respect unless that respect is earned your position is dictatorial

Maybe I want to speak Russian ,Chinese and German and I have the character to admit it ; none of theses countries ever had eyes on little old Republic of Ireland

The biggest threat to the world is not Muslims , Reds or assorted imaginings of your fevered brain .

The biggest threat is Roger Ram Jet Americans like you who are hardline fundies , you detest anyone who's not a crazy aggressive bottom feeder just like you and your spawn

jeffreyone(1294) Disputed
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America take all the risks, spend all the money to fight evil around the world and you pathetic Liberal pacifists do nothing but complain while we keep your nations free from communism.

But who proved communism is objectively evil. America did it all promoting the demonizing of communism and projecting communist leaders as haters of their own people and they Americans love the foreign citizens better...Oh hail all "benevolent America" !! but in reality is an oxymoron.

Look at China, and the then Libya of Qadafi.


America as a country has committed many terrorist acts by definition.

These newly evolved baby terrorist groups are mainly here to overthrow their hypocritical loud mouthed king of terrorism; America.

Europe is threatened because of it's alliance with America. It is because they support every America's evil without objecting or trying to suggest corrective options.

And when america comes in to play hero, it looks as if they are fighting Europe's enemies...but in reality it's America fighting it's own enemies on an innocent land who were naively dragged in.

America is just selfish and nothing more.

America doesn't love anybody don't be deceived for a minute.

America wanted to kill it's own citizens Edward Snowden and others for revealing it's evil....

you can try and see for yourself.

FromWithin(6612) Disputed
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I stopped reading when you wrote "but who proved comminism was objectively evil"


This just one more example where those who can not refute the facts of an argument, simply deny the obvious to make themselves right.

Like I said, a total waste of time debating this type of denial.

2 points

Jeffery you should post up the name of the author of the original statement .

I thought you said you were a fan of Trumps ?

I like Americans and I've lived in the U S ; it's a fine country and it's people are just like any other countries as in the good , the bad and the ugly .

Having said that it's a good debate topic and worth talking about without ; Americas intersests are mainly selfish here's a little piece putting the point quiet well .......

A piece from Daniel Davies from The national interest ......

America runs a world order that might have some collateral benefits for other countries, but is largely built around U.S. interests: to enrich America and American business; to keep Americans safe while creating jobs and profits for America’s military-industrial complex; and to make sure that America retains, as long as possible, its position as the richest, dominant global superpower. . . . America’s steering role in numerous regions -- NATO, Latin America, and the Arabian peninsula -- gives it leverage to call the shots on matters of great important to American security and the bottom line. . . . America’s “global cop” role means that shipping lanes, free trade agreements, oil exploration deals, ad hoc military coalitions, and so on are maintained to the benefit of the U.S. government or U.S. corporations.

Europe did. That's why the EU is about to have a panic attack since Trump cut them off. Let's see what the EU can do off of the American nipple for once.

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I would argue that most American's don't want to be the world police. I'd rather we focus on our own people and our own issues but there are several atrocities and social injustices being committed around the world still, so please, if someone else wants to speak out for those people, do it. Help fight for them instead of just saying they should fight for themselves. They don't always have the means to do so.

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I would argue that most American's don't want to be the world police.

The theory of America as world police is imperialist double talk anyway. America's economy depends upon perpetual war. The list of wars and military interventions involving the United States since 1945 is simply massive.

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If Islamists could quit invading and slaughtering each other and their neighbors like animals, your list would be tiny. Every modern American military intervention has somehow involved jihadists from the religion of special needs. Of course, if America does nothing, Europe squeals like a girl.

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With great power comes the need to use it ;)

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It's a dirty, thankless, job, but someone has to do it ;)