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Who's the MVP?

Season's almost halfway through, and we've seen a lot out of both players. Russell's been in absolute beast mode every single game so far this season, but Harden's also become an extremely dangerous threat on both ends of the court. Both have decent help (though Harden definitely has more), and both are at the top of the conversation for 2016-17's Most Valuable Player... it's a tight race.

James Harden

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Most MVPs (actually, all MVPs in the past) have had their team also be at least third seed in their conference. Russell Westbrook's not getting his team anywhere close to that (and it doesn't really seem like he's trying to put his team in a very good position to win a ring or get anywhere in the playoffs, just filling up the stat sheet). Harden is an effective player because he can score AND pass when needed, but Russell only scores and will hand the ball of to the center if things go bad.

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Russell Westbrook shoots more shots than anyone else on his team, has the ball more than anyone else on his team, and plays more than anyone else on just team. James harden also does this. The difference is that Westbrook stat pads. When the opposing team shot free throws this season, Westbrook is at the low block so that he can get rebounds, making it easier for him to get triple double. Also, when when he passes his teammates usually shoot immediately so it can be counted as an assist for Westbrook. What he did this season was historic, no doubt, and I can't take that away from him. I think if he didn't pad he would still get around 20 triple doubles a season. Which is still impressive

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Russell Westbrook is a triple double machine, if you you took Harden off the rockets they would still have enough talent whereas if you removed Westbrook the thunder would be trash, Westbrook is the team he has to carry the load, plus his per rating is the highest in the league! You don't just wake up and average a triple double it takes an MVP to do that.

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