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 Who should be banned and why? (11)

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Who should be banned and why?

Tell who should be banned and why they should be banned. Do not worry most of those that need banned are already on my auto ban list. 
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We should ban anyone who disagrees with us, and continues a thread long enough to be considered pesky.

Amarel(3879) Clarified
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Many agree with this model. But I think he means banned from the site .

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Banning people with different opinions is not a good solution. Just beat them in a debate, and they won't have anywhere to go but away from the thread. To ban them, would show that you can't beat them fairly in a debate.

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Members should only be banned if they are creating danger, such as physically threatening someone else, posting sensitive private information like their home address and credit card numbers, or creating excessive spam (such as making gigantic posts of nonsense so many times in the thread that a debate with others really becomes impossible).

Members should never be banned simply for disagreeing.

In fact, if the owner of the site ever gets around to reprogramming, you may want to consider a menu of reasons. So for example, if someone issues a ban they have to check a box giving primary reasons ranging from a) spam, b) obscenity, c) personal threats, d) disagreement. And then the person being banned, althouh banned unless overturned by the site owner, would get a single button to ask for review if he disagreed with the reason given. And then if the owner witnesses it is true they were banned for a bogus reason he could have a series of menu choices about what to do about it ranging from a) unban, b) simple validation the ban was unfair, c) ban the banner, etc.

It would make it interesting if there was a system for confirming the validity of bans and overturning them if they're simply bad behavior themselves.

GoodListener should be banned. Because they can not stay on topic they avoid anything and everything that proves them wrong. This person repeats others and are only here to push their personal agenda and to troll. If someone does not agree with them they start to avoid the person disagreeing and start to change topic. This person can not debate and so far I have not seen a single real debate or argument they made other than good I agree and stuff like that. Why do you agree anything you disagree with?

They are nothing more than a waste of server space.

12335(25) Disputed
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Great point... except that choosing who to ban is not for you or anyone other than the staff/creator(s) of the website to decide.

GoodListener(628) Disputed Banned
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I don't even know where to begin in telling you how wrong you are.

I do not deserve to be banned and I am a very positive influence to this site.

The fact that on this topic, the only person you've mentioned is me is not just offensive, it's ignorant...

There are 3 I could name right now who should be permanently banned but because the site is so unpopular, Andy lets them be.

Andy doesn't realise this site could get far more popular with advertising and brutal moderation of these idiots so that new members will stay much longer and not run away from the utter abusive shit they spew on a bi-weekly basis at the very least.

I am an extremely eloquent debater and a superbly polite human being unless someone is worth telling that they are full of shit, then I will tell them they are full of shit (politely first, bluntly second time, ignore from then on).

You have no right to say this shit about me, get out of this website yourself. You told me to kill myself and have taunted and insulted me from the moment I joined this website. Don't play the victim here, I will take you by the throat and throw you into a pit of lava if you really want to take me on.

NathanAllen(2227) Clarified
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When did I play the victim? Stay on topic that is all I really ask of anyone on this site. This site is popular. we have new members everyday they just do not get into the site like some of the rest of us do. And BTW Andy must ban some of us to keep the site on the major search engines or the companies showing ads for this site could pull it.

Do not act stupid all the time. Sad when their are like 3 or so debates about you and just you. Straighten the act up and actually debate. Like I said not here to make friends. Do not expect me to just be nice.