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 Who was the greatest ancient general? (1)

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Who was the greatest ancient general?

I am a lover of ancient History and it is my passion, one question I always ask myself is: who is the greatest general of all time? Now it may just be my own opinion but I think its fair to say this question can only be answered with an ancient general and I would like to know what people think? 

Personally I think Alexander the Great. The name gives it away, this man was unstoppable and what he achieved in his 13 year campaign is unparralled by any other general which is not debatable. However although the means he achieved this victory are debatable and of course the fact his campaign ended in mutiny is never good for a general. However in regards to human achievement, contribution to modern warfare and overall impact on the ancient world, I think it is fair to say that Alexander is ahead of them all. 

I look forward to hearing your opinions. 
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Depends on what you mean by "greatest". If you simply are tallying conquests, raping, pillaging, and destroying, I'd go with Muhammad and Alexander the Great.