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 Who will win Super Bowl L? (5)

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Who will win Super Bowl L?

Which team will win this year's Super Bowl? 
NOTE: This is not a debate about who your favorite team is. It is about what team you think has the best chance of winning.
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I think that the Cowboys and the Packers have a pretty good shot at it. Romo and Rodgers put on a good show last week.

I may be wrong, but I think the New England Patriots will do a repeat in 2016.

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The Packers. I have to admit that I am a Packers fan, but that is not clouding my judgment. I really believe they have a great team and really good depth in key positions.

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Here's the deal, folks. Remember where ya heard it first..................

New England Patriots 31

Green Bay Packers 23

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I think this may be the year of the Bengals. They are doing pretty good and they're are so far undefeated.