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I condone Eugenics Augmentus is gay
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Why I condone eugenics

Take a look around you the next time you are in public, ask yourself what you see. You will see big fat whores stuffing their face with big macs, you will see ugly people, stupid people, a hoard of untouchables. Why should they reproduce? why should their genes continue to clog the arteries and synapses of the earth, our beautiful sexy goddess with big bongoing boobies? We have allowed the muling cubs of the inferior to suck on those juicy boobies for far too long. Forced sterilization must be mandated, concentration camps are in order, but not for kykes or niggers or japs, but for the inferior bottom feeding scum of all races. If your intelligect and physical fitness are out of line, you must not be allowed to reproduce.

I condone Eugenics

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Augmentus is gay

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I agree with u 100%! We definitely need to thin the population and it only makes sense to take out the worthless. We gotta save Mother Earth

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mrcatsam(503) Disputed
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Ok...Okay, let me get this straight:

You want to bring back a nazi idea to sterilize the "worthless people" in your country. Before you do that to millions of people, ask yourself "What good will come out of this?" Hitler obviously forgot about that common saying.

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Humanity has been selecting for people who are cooperative within the rules and expectations of civilization. Being a d!ck who insults 3/4 of the population and doesn't want to let them breed actually selects YOU to be not an ideal specimen for breeding. Go get yourself castrated, or if you prefer you can take a vow of chastity and live like a hermit.

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Hello A:

Why DO I condone getting rid of motherfuckers like you?? Who NEEDS a reason???


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Honestly, is everything okay over there in America? If so, then why does this debate even exist? It's one of the many misogynistic, evil, awful, neo-nazi debates I've seen on this website.

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You are probably a vegan pussy who is frustrated at the world because subconsciously you know you are nutrient deficient and weak.

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