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 Why I'm a democratic socialist. (44)

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Why I'm a democratic socialist.

I believe that freedom of all belief is a right. I believe that healthcare is a right. I believe that education is a right. I support freedom of speech that is not threats, slander, libel or abuse. I believe in gender equality. I believe in racial unity. I believe in welfare for the poor and disabled. I believe that same gender marriage is none of my business. I believe in worker's rights. I believe in trade unions. I believe in limiting wars and bringing our troops home.
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Re: "I support freedom of speech that is not threats, slander, libel or abuse."

That's a contradiction. You either believe in free speech, or you don't. Your constraints are too vague and arbitrary. To see it in action, all you have to do is look to college campuses nationwide and how they try to tar and feather those with conservative opinions and disrupt the rights of those who want to express and hear them.

On the rest of your screed, you just want free stuff, period. Just gimme, gimme, gimme.

Sitar(3683) Disputed
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No it isn't. Abuse is not free speech. Slander is not free speech. Libel is not free speech.

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Give me an example of abuse and I'll give you an example of free speech. Slander and libel are already in the law books.

FuckleBery(20) Disputed
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The problem with you socialists is that literally anything someone says, you put it into a negative context and yell "slander or abuse"

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I am against freedom of speech and also against bullying.

Censorship for the win!!

HighFalutin(2517) Clarified
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You might like China, Cuba or Venezuela.


Jace(4558) Disputed
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Actually, it's a condition of support. No right is treated in practice as absolute, so it's illogical to think that someone must either have unqualified support for or opposition towards any right. The constraints are clear enough that they're widely practiced as exemptions to protected speech in numerous legal systems already. PC intolerance is inconsistent with the position, but the position itself is logical valid and sound.

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You convientantly left out the part about these Socialistic Democrats supporting no restriction abortions of viable babies! The most important issue in this world is protecting the right of life of the innocent.

It is sickening you are such a hypocrite to say you care for all these rights, but would support a political Party that steals our right's to life!

So tell me..... of all these rights and freedoms you speak to, I missed the right to life!

You are a phoney like most people who vote for this new age Democrat Party, or parties around the world who support abortion.

You see, I agree with many of the rights and freedoms you speak to, I just happen to have the humanity to prioritise these rights.

I have the intellect to understand that the extremists who create social programs for some, on the backs of others, while stealing a baby's right to life, are total hypocrites and phonies. They lack the very compassion and humanity they want us to believe they possess.

They stand for nothing but shoving their sociaistic beliefs down everyone's throats, and making us all pay for it.

You have said you are pro life. If you vote for those who steal that baby's right to life, you are an unbelievable liar and phoney!

You are starting to show us all that you care only for getting points on this debate site and will say anything to drum up as many points as possible.

AlofRI(2008) Disputed
2 points

Obviously you are not only a conservative, you are a fascist communist theocrat. You believe we should only listen to ONE party, ONE party should rule and if there are any others they should keep their mouths shut if they don't believe exactly as YOU do. You believe they MUST be Christian and follow Christian ideology. You believe we should have an all conservative SCOTUS ... no other views accepted. You believe everyone who doesn't follow the conservative/Christian rule, they should not be called Americans, and should get OUT! Do you deny any of these:

Corporations are people;

Women who use birth control are sluts;

College students are slobs;

Gay Americans are an abomination;

Poor people deserve to be poor;

Union workers are lazy parasites;

Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise;

The Bible "Trumps" the Constitution;

Global warming is a hoax;

The auto industry should have gone bankrupt;

The U.S. President is a Muslim agent from Kenya;

Julian Assange is a national hero.

YOU are endangering more "after birth babies" than WE endanger the fetus because you want them to live in an authoritarian country, like Iran, Russia, N. Korea, Cuba....etc. You don't have the "intellect to understand" that extremists who think one party control with social programs for NO ONE, including the poor, are hypocrites and "lack the very compassion and humanity" they CLAIM to possess!

FromWithin(5914) Disputed Banned
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You hideous pathetic deceptive liar. You are just like the Democrat party that must demonize those who do not bow to your political correct big brother conditioning.

You call us racists, fascists, theocrats who want to force you to be Christians and think like we do.


The only thing Conservtives want is for you Leftist to quit forcing us to follow your dictates of how we should think. We want to protect even viable babies from your barbarism and inhumanity.

Your socialist party is everything you claim us to be. HOW CAN YOU BE SO BLIND? IS IT DEMENTIA? If so I apologise for what I'm saying to you. It's not your fault if you have old age mental issues.

Sitar(3683) Disputed
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I am prolife. Socialists can be prolife...................................................................

FromWithin(5914) Disputed Banned
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Hogwash, you are no more prolife than the Germans who claimed to be pro Jews but still supported the nazi party.

You can not be prolife and then vote for pro abortion politicians. There is no issue more important than killing innocent babies for any reason.

Socialist politicians are pro abortion!

Cartman(18207) Disputed
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You support abortion 66% of the time. That's the hypocrisy.

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I believe you are right in all your beliefs. You must be because I have the same beliefs.

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I see you are for workers rights. I can then only assume you are for right to work laws. After all, how can someone who supports workers rights then demand they have no right to not join a union if they so choose. At least you got one conservative view. Lets see if we can find you another!

AlofRI(2008) Clarified
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I believe in unions simply because they are the ONLY way we can get fair treatment from greedy capitalists. I wish we didn't NEED them, but we DO, and they need money to work with, they can't fight power (money) without money and those they fight for need to invest in the protection. Those who want the benefits they fight for and don't want to pay THEIR FAIR SHARE are trying to get something for nothing, conservatives should hate them! The right to share in the profits that they create is not looking for something for nothing, it's looking to prevent slave labor, which is what we would be working for with no worker protection. You only have to look at what has happened post Reagan (the union buster), profits have soared, wages have stayed stagnant, the 1% have gotten filthy rich, and the middle class has all but disappeared! No, I may have a conservative view or two but, it AIN"T "right to work"! (Check that. I may have a "Republican view or two" ... conservative, today? NO!)

foratag(257) Clarified
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Actually, my post was for Dana. But since you responded, unions could always up the amount they charge for members to make up the difference. I see you used the words slave labor. Exactly what constitutes slave labor, in your opinion. Everyone's definition is surely different, wouldn't you think.

Obama was supposed to bring back the middle class, and he hasn't, according to you. Obama had complete control of Congress and he failed to increase wages, the rich have gotten richer, and economic growth has stagnated where 2% GDP is now deemed acceptable, which it is not.

Time to give Trump a shot and see what he can do since Obama failed on so many fronts.

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The list is indeed a good one and what most people and countries should be aiming for , only one thing when you say freedom of speech it seems to me you're imposing limits , someone is always waiting to cry slander or claim something said is offensive to them personally ; if you're offended by something someone says so what it's merely your reaction .

Lopilulu(286) Disputed
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If you think that all countries should aim for this system, then you oppose the idea of countries in the first place and should say you are a.globalist socialist.

Dermot(4741) Disputed
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I said ....all people and countries ..... you rather bizzarely claim I oppose the idea of countries ( and people by implication ) and then tell me what I should label myself politically ... strange indeed

And as freedom of all belief is a right, it must not matter for anything what you believe.

Lopilulu(286) Disputed
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You are entitled to nothing. You deserve only what you can fight to keep.

1 point

You didn't even read what I wrote.

I'd recommend you try better than that.

A restricted society is a dead society.

AlofRI(2008) Clarified
1 point

No. We are "entitled to freedom", because we HAVE fought to keep it, and will continue to do so!

1 point

I generally agree. Our only real difference is some of the things you list as rights I think are instead aspirations. For example, healthcare for all is a great aspiration, I just don't think it's automatically a human right for everyone, everywhere, every time, and every scenario.

I also am bound by realism. Not everything on the wish list for a democratic socialist society can make it into the budget, and if overloaded either through debt or tax burdens it can do more harm than good.

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For someone opposes labels like prochoice or left-wing, you sure like to use labels when it suits you.

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You are correct in the label you have chosen for yourself. Be aware that Democratic Socialism is Socialism . Further, Socialism is the path to Communism. A documented failure. Before you proudly label yourself, consider the path and the inevitable failure at its end.

Jace(4558) Clarified
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Democratic Socialism is the path to the dark side. Democratic Socialism leads to Socialism. Socialism leads to Communism. Communism leads to inevitable failure at its end.