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Why Junk food should be banned

i'm creating a debate for why junk food should not be banned in schools



it should be banned

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it shouldn't be banned

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Good Evening, Chair men, ladies and gentleman boys and girls.

My name Celeste. The topic for our debate is "why junk food should be banned.

We the affirmative team believe that this statement is false.

Firstly, today i would like to talk to you about why junk food is killing us,obesity, obesity is one of the main killing factors in the world normally if you have obesity there is an unfortunate a chance that you will die at an eairler age from a heart attack from eating to much but if junk food is banned you would not have to worry anymore about dying at an early age from a heart attack.

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First bravo on the attempt at getting an emotional reaction from people. However at no point in this you tube did Francis or the narrator say that "junk food" is the cause of his obesity the cause, as the video stated, is over eating. What he was eating wasn't the issue. Francis also said that people where telling him from a very young age that his weight was going to hurt him but he didn't change.

Obesity isn't forced on people it is their choice. fat people are probably one of the most ridiculed group of people in America they are more aware of their weight than anyone else is so none of them can claim ignorance they have made a choice in how to live junk food is not at fault.

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Troy8(2431) Disputed
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It's not like he didn't have a choice of whether to eat junk food.

Make good choices and this won't be a problem. That's just part of life.

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Good morning chairmen, ladies and Genital men boys and girls.

My name is Celeste and the topic of our debate is "why junk food should be banned in schools"

we the negative team believe that this statement is false.

our first argument is that obesity and being obese is just another excuse for being lazy, you wont die from a little bit of sugar as long as you don't have to much and as long as you do your daily exercise and don't just sit there all day, that's what is the real problem its not the junk food its the fact that people are to lazy to exercise and can't be bothered doing any exercise so they just blame it on the junk food.Because if people would just get of the couch and go for a run around the block and do some training at least once a week we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now.Obesity isn't forced on people it is their choice. It is a persons choice to eat junk food no ones forcing them to people are blaming fast food stores but they should be blaming themselves.

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"Our first argument is if junk food is banned lots of fast food outlets would go out of business and then lots of familys wouldn't have enough money to pay for their kids education and they might not have enough money to pay rent on their house so they would have to get kicked out and stay with freinds and family for a while, but after a while they would have to live on the streets."

This would not happen, if junk food was banned a lot of businesses would no longer be allowed to function but luckily our government is ready with hand outs for free education and unemployment and food stamps. There is no financial reason for a family to live on the streets. Unless maybe they got caught selling their food stamps for crack or did something illegal and got kicked out of their apartment or got below a c average in college. With the exception of mentally disabled persons homelessness is a choice or consequences of bad choices and not the fault of junk food or the absence of it.

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You can't ban junk food.

It would absolutely kill the economy as well as put thousands of businesses and people out of work.

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Please... really? I'm not even going to get into the politics of this. But really? Lets talk about personal responsibility. Why should anybody else be held accountable for your eating habits. If you're saying you should ban junk food you are also saying that the government should regulate EVERYTHING!

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what needs to be done is to educate people and create awareness on what they're eating

businesses will always supply something people wants. If people wants something else that's healthier, businesses will be motivated to supply that instead.

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yeah! if people know what will happen to them if they dont watch what they eat and dont watch their weight they wouldn't have as much as a problem

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if you banned junk food that would mean that student would only be able to bring fruit and vegetables to school because now days junk food is what people say is a meal with salt or sugar and also there sugar levels will drop and that might not be a good thing

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