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 Why are some people just smarter than others? (22)

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Why are some people just smarter than others?

What if an average person devoted as much time as Einstein studied would he actually be comparable to him? or what? what are the reasons? at some point in time can we actually modify our brains to become smarter?


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Einstein was autistic. Funny how that turned out, hm?

| Side: The Brain Makes No Sense

If memory serves, Einstein Dyslexic and not autistic, no?

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chatturgha(1641) Disputed
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Einstein, as we can now define it, had Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. It was not known until later when the disorder was discovered, but people who knew him and historical documentation has led historians to discover that he did indeed have Asperger's Syndrome.

| Side: The Brain Makes No Sense

it is true that every autistic person has at least one thing that they excel at.

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Some people are smarter than others because some people are dumber than others. If we all had the same amount of intelligence, then no one would be smarter than anyone else ;)

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?
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It has everything to do with how you are raised. If you are open minded and keep up on studies you will be able to perform on the same level as anyone else with the same knowledge.

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?

No one is smarter than anyone else. Some people are just naturally better at some things then others, like the "RainMan" at math.

Supporting Evidence: The Real RainMan (
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1 point

You guys are all idiots except for whoever said it depends on how you were raised. Reading all of your responses about school and genetically inherited mental capacity, I was seriously trying to figure out where you got all that nonsense. Then after about the fourth or fifth "there" where there should have been "their" I realized, how would you know? Here's the facts. When you're little, about 2 to 6, it's different for everyone but around that range, you learn literally as fast as you try to. Kids who read a lot at that age show the best performance across the board but that's because reading affects your comprehension and memory as well as your language skills. Similarly kids who do a lot of math will be really good at math because they learn it as fast as you can teach them. Kids who only train the math parts of their brain when they are young would be good obviously, with number sense and faster altogether. Playing music and learning to play as many instruments as possible helps a kid develop coordination, good hearing and pitch, the kinds of things involved in playing music, as well as math skills. I read a lot as a kid, I was reading college level books by the third grade, and expanded from there. Never been great at math, but man can I ever play the drums. And drive. And fuck your mom. I can do that really well too.

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?

because its all genetics... duh!!! im smarter than others and others are smarter than me it has to do with whats in our DNA and that's something that we cant help

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?
1 point

OH MY GOD! I just explained it to you idiots and you're still talking about genetics. First of all, that's pretty racist, to assume that based on someone's family they can be more or less intelligent. Second of all it's NOT genetics, you dumb asses just want something to blame instead of yourselves for not making full use of your potential when you were little kids. Now you're old and you didn't read enough or practice enough when you were little so you're stupid, and as a stupid person, you say "Oh, well it can't be my fault that I'm stupid it must be my genes!" Just like those fat asses who blame their weight on genetics instead of an unhealthy lifestyle. All brains are born more or less exactly the same. Depending on how your parents raised you in your toddler and childhood years, you will be smarter or dumber than other people. If your parents cared about your development enough to read a book, and taught you to read early and how to do math early and made you practice all the time, then you are lucky enough to be intelligent. If they sat you in front of a TV for most of your childhood YOU'RE DUMB! Because the brain develops more neurons and connections the more you use it as a kid. That is actually how it works. If you read any credible medical journal about the subject, that is what it will tell you. It has nothing to do with genes, or background, it has to do with DID YOU TRY TO BE SMART?

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?
garry77777(1794) Disputed
1 point

" It has nothing to do with genes, or background, it has to do with DID YOU TRY TO BE SMART?"

Are you seriously suggesting that anyone can be as smart as they wantif they try hard enough?

Look im not saying practice doesn't make perfect, and im not saying that trying hard when your young and being nurtured doesn't allow you to unlock your full potential but to suggest that you can be intelligent based soley on effort is false. Some are born smart some not so much, different people have different attributes. In psychology there are many different recognised forms of intelligence i.e.

Visual/Spatial,Bodily/Kinesthetic,Musical/Rhythmic,Naturalism,Interpersonal,Intrapersonal,Verbal/Linguistic and Logical/Mathematical

BTW current IQ test only test for Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial and Verbal/Linguistic.

And im sure these categories will broaden the more we discover about the brain even within these categories there are mnay sub-categories, now to suggest that people are born with a natural advantage with regard to their abilites pretty much refutes the reality of evolution and everything that has been followed from it, ultimately the genes do contol this, which has the greater effect nature or nuture, personally i go with nature but i recognise there are valid arguments refuting this.

No person can be as smart as einstein by sheer will, that doesnt mean they should give up trying to but to suggest that the possibilities are limitless is scientific heresy.

The fact is some people are born dumb as being smart is an evolutionary advantage, more broadly people are born with exceptional social skills as this is an evolutionary advantage(Interpersonal), people are born stronger than others or more able to move or simply adapt physically to the local environment (Bodily/Kinesthetic) .........etc. etc.

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?
RudeRebel(45) Disputed
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What I'm saying is, in a child's formative years their intelligence for the rest of their life depends on the parents stimulating them and providing an educational environment. This is a fact. The less parents push their children to succeed in academics the less intelligent they will be. The less parents read to their kids, and the longer they wait to teach them to read, the less intelligent they will be. The more a parent provides their child to grow with, like musical instruments, and workbooks, and lots of reading material, the better they will perform in school through out their life. This is a proven fact. Einstein was Autistic. Autistic people process information and see the world in a completely different way than "normal" functioning people, so you can't really compare Einstein to you or me. People physically develop differently because of their genes, but mental acuity is entirely under the control of the environment provided in their younger years.

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?
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Well, for some people it can come natuarlly, they can ace every tests they take and wont even have to study for one minute. They are smart like that because they feel that school is really their only friend..... Simple as that

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?
Morgie717(75) Disputed
1 point

No... Smart people don't think that school is there only friend, they just devote a lot of time to it. Just because you are naturally smart doesn't mean you feel like school is your best friend. It may simply be there genetics and there background.

Lets say you are pretty much trailer trash, and don't devote a lot of time to school, then more in likely you wont succeed in school because you did not care to. But lets say you are very privileged, and a devoted student. Obviously you devote a lot of time to school, and your parents push you to succeed. You will obviously be more successful. It does depend on the environment you live in and your genetics. Like my grandfather was a Professor in Math. Because of my genetics, i excelled in math.

Then there are some kids that because of there genetics, they have the ability to understand better than other kids. Some people just have an inability to comprehend some matters while others breeze through it.

So i disputed your point Gidget25 because people that are really smart, don't necessarily think school is there only friend and there life. They just work harder than most to succeed and some people just have better tools that help them excel.

| Side: Everybody is Different
2 points

i agree with the genetics and backround and you are absolutely right

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?
pacis(4) Disputed
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I care to disagree with you statements completely, i am currently a high school student with a 4.12 GPA and i could care less about school. I go because the law forces me to, i have no history in my family of mathematics and yet i excel in it. as for your point on which "smart" people devote time and effort to school is purely and fundamentally wrong.

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?
gidget25(29) Disputed
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Well all that i meant to say is that sure, some kids have smarts genetically, but a lot of time some of the kids that are naturally smart only have school as their friend so they spend lots of their time looking educational websites and only focusing on things that are academically based! Because they don't have any intentions of going on social networks (not to say that all genetically smart people don't have things like FaceBook and Twitter), they don't really explore the new wonders and get out into the world!

But also, genetically smart people can have a social life. They have these smarts and use them to their extent. Because they can breeze by, they have time (just like others) to be on FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter.

They decide to have a life and still make straight A's and yet have time for going over to friends houses rather then going over to a persons house for a school project. As to other people that make straight A's once again again they decide to go out into the world and explore! Were as to a good percentage of people with smarts, they can..

A. Go out into the world, make friends, and be involved social (not just for hanging, but also for academics)

B. Stay cooped up their room and focus of academics (independently) for a good portion of their childhood

| Side: Why are some people just smarter than others?

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