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The GOP is Satanic The GOP just likes devil stars
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Why did the GOP change the stars on it's party logo to Satanic stars in 2000?

From the time it was created the stars on the GOP logo were normal five pointed stars with one star at the top and two at the bottom just as they are on the American flag.  But in 2000 the GOP changed the stars of their logo.  They turned them upside down to create what is known as the Satanic star with two points at the top which creates the two horns of the devil and one star at the bottom which becomes the devil's beard.  Seventeen years have gone by and this has no doubt been discussed and pointed out to the GOP thousands of times yet they've never changed it back to the normal star.
Why did the GOP do this?  Is the GOP Satanic?  Are those who vote Republican voting for Satan?

The GOP is Satanic

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The GOP just likes devil stars

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How can Christians vote for Republicans when they see the GOP insisting on using Satanic stars on the GOP logo?

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