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 Why do Christians decorate their houses for Christmas? (14)

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Why do Christians decorate their houses for Christmas?


The other day, I was driving through the boonies on a very lonely road, when I spotted a house WAYY off the beaten path beautifully decorated for Christmas. 

At most, maybe two or three people will see it.  Why do they do that?

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The same reason that atheists for some reason decorate their houses for Christams. For attention. It's what you do in a predominantly Christian country. You like the pretty twinkling lights. Or perhaps some other random reason.

excon(7996) Disputed
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Hello bront:

I dunno HOW you missed the point.. I wasn't questioning WHY Christians decorate their house.. I was questioning WHY they do it when NOBODY will see it..

Or, do you, like your fucked up fellow Christian, wanna INSULT me too??


AveSatanas(4369) Disputed
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Of course it has nothing to do with cultural or family tradition or just liking to see lights on your own home right?

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"At most, maybe two or three people will see it."

Assuming that nobody else uses the road it's on (which I doubt) they will certainly be having people over for Christmas and thus people will see it.

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Hello W:

Well, there ya go.. I didn't think of that..


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Santa Claus is NOT a religious symbol. He doesn't care if you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim. I decorate MY house so I'm sure that he will not MISS it! ;-)

The White House will surely be decorated and I hope Trump will get some freshly mined coal from WVA, a "silencer" from the NRA (A bag of money big enough to stuff in his mouth), and a perverted woman to practice his grab on ... mustn't let it get rusty! :-(

How do you know they are christian??

Did jesus hang on the cross next to the house?

You know all people celebrate christmas.

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They own the house and can do whatever they want and however they want.

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I do not use any pagan symbolism in my house or on my Santa, no Christmas tree, no wreathes, no mistletoe......Christians are not supposed to be toying with pagan religions.

I have nothing against an annual gift exchange and family gathering. The tradition can be practiced without pagan ritual.

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For you to even ask such a question shows your total lack of understanding of true Christians.

It's quite amazing listening to the anti Christian bigots showing us their total ignorance towards something they constantly ridicule.

Why do you constantly ridicule something you don't even understand?

Is that what Liberals call tolerance and openminded inclusivity for diversity?

excon(7996) Disputed
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Hello again, F:

It's true.. I DON'T understand Christian stuff.. I'm NOT a Christian.. That you think I SHOULD understand Christianity, is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID..

Furthermore, I didn't ridicule. I ASKED. I wasn't impolite. I ASKED.. You, are FUCKED up.. It gives me great pleasure to INSULT you..