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 Why do Progressives have such a "Love Affair" with the Religion of Islam (7)

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Why do Progressives have such a "Love Affair" with the Religion of Islam

The Religion of Islam is a religion that condones killing of infidels. The religion condones the killing of women and gays.
What is the attraction of Leftist to a religion of killers ?  

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I don't know what you've heard Progressive say... Maybe you did hear a few say they love Islam.

All I know is I do not know much about the religion. I never read the Quran. I know there are people who claim to be true Islamists and kill in the name of their belief. I also know a lot of people who practice Islam in peace. I know that Muslims and non Muslims are being persecuted by the followers of the Islamic state. What do those facts say about Islam? It doesn't say that it is a religion of peace nor does it say the opposite. It is a religion subject to various interpretations just like all religions have various interpretations.

They try to pander to all groups to get their votes, but they still refuse to acknowledge that Islam is the antithesis of everything they claim they stand for.

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Islam is not the Religion of Peace but "The Sheeple on the Left" believe it is !

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Because all religion is equally evil because it takes our eyes off of Yeshua.

outlaw60(11178) Disputed
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So you have a love affair with the Religion of DEATH because you will not speak out against it. Well done there Progressive

Sitar(3683) Clarified
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I hste all religion equally because of the fact that it takes away from Yeshua.

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We have NO love affair with Islam. Our "love affair" is with the Constitution which doesn't discriminate between religions as conservatives think it does. WE discriminate against radicals of ANY religion that doesn't follow the Constitution. Religions that worship Christ included. Jim Jones, David Koresh, that idiot that's in prison for "breaking in" young girls and new wives. Sharia Law isn't accepted under the Constitution (at least much of it), Progressives will not allow radical cruelty of any kind, religious or otherwise. That "love affair" is a RW talking point as is much of their rhetoric. Let's use a "Trumpism" here ... "it's fake news and a total witch hunt"!

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Saying any religion is peaceful is truly just stupid for lack of better words. Islam is definielty no different. Islam provides a very oppressive and violent message which completely contradicts most of the Democratic parties beliefs, yet they basically cater to these people. I don't know why Democrats feel like they need to suck up to Muslims but they do nonetheless.