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 Why do people act like jerks! (11)

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Why do people act like jerks!


My last issue about Sinknight sounded as if people were targeting me. I guess no likes me Frown

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Well, when you consider someone a stalker as your first debate on this site doesn't really get you much friends.

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Well that's just rude dude! What? I'm too boring for you to stalk me?

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What is there to stalk on you about? .

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I like you, buddy!

-highfives for the random stranger-


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don't say that! i am sure you were caught up in the wrong time that is all. :)

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caught up in the wrong time

Well... he is MrWrong after all.

People act like jerks for the same reason they act like bullies, it is to belittle some one so that they can feel superior. Jerks and bullies are nobodies attempting to be somebody.

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Why does a bear shit in the woods? Hmmm? Maybe I'll try to start answering every debate with a question?

I had read a college report of the definition of jerk (person). I can't find it online but the main points were that the person is an overwhelming douche who wants to be known, and can't control them self.

So I think jerks, are Jerky because thay can't help it. or don't know they are jerks.


hey, hey, you know!

Also, bitchez love jerks!

P.s. I love the way that beat start!

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Why do people act like jerks?

a. to be rude and gain pleasure/respect for oneself

b. to annoy the other person

c. they act like jerks unwillingly, it is their natural character. your opinion is that they are a jerk.

d. because you're ignorant.

e. to defend themselves

f+. other