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 Why do people on welfare have money for alcohol, cigarettes, casinos, cell phones, etc. (3)

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Why do people on welfare have money for alcohol, cigarettes, casinos, cell phones, etc.

Why is it that able bodied low income people always seem to find money for non essential spending in their lives, but are not required to pay anything for their healthcare?
They could always afford to pay SOMETHING for healthcare when we all know they have money to buy non essentials in life.

This is what so bothers those on the Right. Most of us have no problem with safety nets for people who can not help themselves. It's the vast majority of able bodied people living off medicaid and welfare, refusing to work, that we are sick of paying for.

The Democrat Party uses these people as their voter base and is why they never get tough on weeding out the dead beats. This is why after eight years of Obama, there were record numbers of Americans living off food stamps and welfare. The Left seems to do everything in their power to keep people on Government dependence from cradle to grave. It's all politics!
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Why is it Democrat voters have no problem electing these corrupt politicians who have no problem redistributing the working man's money to pander to their Government dependents.

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In the main most people on welfare suffer from a number of afflictions ranging from diminished responsibility, an inability to get their priorities in the proper order and an attitude that the world owes them a living.

Where I grew up in the back streets of Belfast it was common practise for unemployed men to go to their local pub on dole day and booze away most of their benefit handouts leaving little or nothing for food, clothing, their children's needs etc.

This type of irresponsibility and arrested intellect is a worldwide phenomenon among the great unwashed, workshy layabouts.

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I believe it is human nature for people to take what people give them, and soon believe they are entitled to it. If someone is stupid enough to enable a person's laziness, he will gladly stay on the gravy train.

In America, the Left wing Democrat Party learned long ago that if they pander to the irresponsible lazy people, these people will vote for Democrats to keep their welfare checks rolling in.

Democrats are pandering to people on welfare from cradle to grave with no requirements of someday getting a job, or paying it back. They do this to keep Government dependents voting for them.

They do this on the backs of hard working tax payers. I call it taxation without representation which goes against our Constitution.