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because they don't do maths because they are tranny's
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Why do socialisms want the government to control everything?

because they don't do maths

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because they are tranny's

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Because these people don't know how to do the whole adult thing and order their own lives. Thus, they scramble to find someone to do it for them. It's why they walk in lockstep like a hive and all say the exact same things.

Side: because they don't do maths

Because they don't want to take control of their own lives and would rather have government fill that void.

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I'm no more "tranny" than Trump is truthteller. I DO consider myself a democratic socialist and I can't imagine wanting to have the government control everything. I want the PEOPLE to control the government …. as it is supposed to be under our Constitution. I want everyone to pay their fair share (socialism), I want the Congress and Senate to work FOR those people, not for their political agenda, (democracy), and I don't want President that thinks HE is "the country" (Authoritarianism), and runs things with an iron hand (fascism / communism / Trumpism, etc.). Next question.

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outlaw60(14197) Disputed
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Crazy AL is a SOCIALIST but he does not want the GUBERMENT to run everything LMAO!!

Crazy AL can you SOCIALIST explain how you SOCIALIST are going to pay for FREE COLLEGE and FREE HEALTHCARE ???????? Help us out with the knowledge u possess SOCIALIST AL!

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Amarel(4830) Disputed
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Some people want everyone to pay their fair share, which is always more than whatever they are paying. Others want people to pay as little as possible and only for that which is necessary.

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AlofRI(2570) Clarified
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Well, there ARE many who I think should pay more than I do. After all, 1% of the U.S. owns 80% of our money, largely because they've used their YUGE resources to "adjust laws" that allow them to keep even MORE of what's coming in. In the meantime, the urgent need for money to run the country (also DEFEND the country), to educate the people, to care for the peoples health must come from THEIR pockets. On top of that, the 1% (2%-3%-4%,etc.) hide much of what comes down to "their fair share" in offshore accts. so they wont have to pay it, citing "unfair taxes"! Pay it BACK and we'll get rid of the 1.5M in poverty, the unaffordable cost of education for those who NEED it, the unaffordable health care, the suffering elderly! THAT will MAGA!

As I've said before, the rich got richer even when they were paying an outrageous 90%! No need for THAT! MAGA should be a JOINT effort …. and proportionate to ones income (+)! Donate one of your yachts, one of your mansions, one of your exotic cars to MAGA. Pay your "earners" what they're worth, be a little more "socialistic" ;-) and capitalism will flourish even MORE!

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Talkative(51) Disputed
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You don't seem to understand that 'the people' controlling the Government in your fantasy land will always be a minority of the population. All those people will be doing is controlling the rest of the country via the government. It would be the tyranny of the majority, well technically minority.

The 51% rules the 49%

Wouldn't it be better if nobody rules anybody?

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AlofRI(2570) Clarified
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If nobody rules anybody, where do laws go? Do we live without them? Every man for himself? Law of the jungle? Is there a country in the world where they exist under YOUR scenario? Tell me about it.

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