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 Why do some people oppose gay rights? (11)

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Why do some people oppose gay rights?

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If you aren't gay you don't benefit from gays having rights.

Stetson(39) Clarified
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Imagine if your whole life you were taught that a specific people are evil in every way. You are totally convinced by the people you trust; family, friends, and the society you live in. Then when you meet one one of the "people", and what you were told was wrong, you would feel violated. Your entire life, an elaborate chain of lies and understandings, just falls apart. It's either fight or flight now, continue to believe despite evidence on the contrary, or reject what you were taught and use the evidence to form a new understanding. The latter is tough for some more than others. Fortunately if you were taught the scientific method, you are more likely to be malleable to the logical explanation for things.

Now for people who are against gays that are religious, well faith is a powerful tool. When you believe in something that you fear without any evidence that proves it, then you will be hard pressed to even attempt to look for evidence to disprove it. When you smash the chains of faith, then you might just get closer to accepting the logical.

-Edit- I just realized that I might of misread your statement. Sorry for the unnecessary clarification, it probably is a better answer to the original question. Unless of course the original question was posed by you.

-Edit 2- And I just realized I only needed to look to the right to see the debate creator. Sorry about that, I'm new to this site.

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Yeah, people fear what is different.

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Thank you. I agree. .

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Because some people still believe homosexuality is a choice, that they do not agree with. This position is on the wane, as understanding spreads.

Gays and lesbians to be honest are not seen in bright eyes,are generally not tolerated;though we create their basic rights yet the feeling of superiority,hatred and distaste towards these persons make some of us oppose their rights.

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The human species are usually opposed to what we do not understand or feel is threatening.

Though many support gay rights it has not been raised in the Australian parliament for a conscience vote

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I agree. This is an important issue. .

Because arseholes will always exist. For some people hating anything that is different to you is as instinctive as breathing. Religion definitely has a lot to answer for in this area.

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Agreed. It is so sad. .

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People normally fear anything they don't understand and fear very often turns into aggression as a form of defense. Yes, some people do, misguidedly, oppose 'gay rights' but more people have an aversion to 'gay pride' with all it's razzmatazz parades and pageantry. The gay community ''SEEM'' to be hell bent on pushing their sexual orientation down people's throats at every opportunity, and this sparks a fear in those of a nervous disposition that if the current trend continues at it's present pace it will soon become compulsory.

Because some people just don't want others to be happy. If they are miserable, they want others to be miserable with them. As the saying goes, "Misery loves company."