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Why do you think abortion is bad

I just want to know your stance on it and why and are they considered babies to you??

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Abortion isn’t bad it is a crime.

Abortion is a self-incrimination describing a public confession to murder it has not limit of transfer in the public without a Court imposing a judicial separation process against the crime. To understand this some Constitutional principles need to be represented.

1. Abort means to official stop as like pause. Something that is officially stopped by the process of abort can be restarted.

2. Any process that is permanently stopped with no intention of ever being re-started is not called aborted it becomes terminated.

Abortion can be describe impartially as a Gender Specific Aspiration even as a Female Specific Amputation, as abortion is a name given for a medical process that occurs naturally only with woman. In almost every confession of abortion heard in public it turns out that the confession is instantly recanted and denied by justification.

This is demonstrating an open test to law on the grounds of basic principle. The refusal to constitutional separate the test from the public has led to the self-incrimination of hundreds of millions of people worldwide to a felony crime without any common defense or representation.

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It isn't murdered if it is not a human being. In science a fetus is not considered a human being in till it is born. I am not using this as an excuse I am just informing you. I realize that everybody probably uses this as an excuse but what about the rape victims. They did not have a choice to get pregnant. There is no other alternative, adoption you might say but for a 12 year old giving birth would ruin her body. What is her option, hurt her own body that she had nothing to do with. I understand abortion is sometimes used in the wrong way, as in birth control and ways to make the baby perfect. But abortion stays a right for the people who really need it. What would happen if it became illegal you might ask, they will just give themselves an abortion and hurt themselves. That is why there is a safe alternative. All I am saying is that abortion is there for a reason and it is not murder. I am sorry but I disagree with you totally on this. But I do think other rules on this should be put in place.

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i dont believe abortion is bad. anti abortion people will go on and on with repeating that it's taking a human life which makes no sense because a fetus's heart doesn't even start beating until 4-6 weeks into the pregnancy. even then abortions obviously wouldn't be happening if science said fetus's were alive at the time of their extraction

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science_nerd(28) Disputed
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Let's say that I'm basing my argument of the fact of a fetus not living until 4-6 weeks in the pregnancy. Even then, the mother would be ending the chance of a possible human life. And you can't say a fetus is a non living thing until 4-6 weeks, it's a possible human for crying out loud. The heart might not beat at that time but why would it need nutrients from the mother if it isn't a living thing?

My opinion is that abortion is a crime, a sin, murder. No one has the right to take the life of a child, or to be more tentative, the life of a possible child.Even if the mother was raped or doesn't want the child to be born into a cruel, wouldn't she at least give the child a chance. Who knows whether the child might actually turn his situation around?

However there might be two sides I guess. Sometimes it's due to complications in the pregnancy with the risk of the mother's life, or a mistake and maybe that might not be totally their faults. But abortions with reasons not going in this direction, I see them as plain wrong.

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Because if you want a boy, you can kill as many females as you want to get the boy. Sex farming.

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I understand that but what about those women who need it. The ones who aren't using an abortion for birth control but as a way to kill a fetus who isn't a human being yet. I know every person will use a rape victim for examples but what about those who actually are raped and need an escape without having a child. A 12 year old girl who doesn't want it to hurt when she gives birth, why wouldn't she have the option to terminate. I just don't understand why there can't be an option in the first place.

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This is what pro abortion supporters do to deceive the public and hide the inhumanity of their policies.

1) Steer the abortion conversation to life of mother and rape pregnancies. Talk about a red hearing yet this is the first thing these pro choice people will do. The GOP has allowed these exceptions since abortion was legalized yet we still hear every day from the talking heads in the Democrat party about these extreme rare cases. Lie, deceive, exaggerate, etc. all to condition the electorate to think the GOP wil deny these extreme case abortions.(by the way, rape pregnancies can be prevented from day after pills that prevent conception)

2) The next thing they do is talk about the medical name of an unborn Baby..... Fetus. By using the name Fetus, they somehow believe it changes the status of the life growing inside the mother. Somehow in their twisted thinking, a Baby that has not yet traveled through the birth canal is somehow different than it is after it is has moved down that canal. WOW, TALK ABOUT DENIAL!

3) Next they will talk about the pain level of an unborn Baby. These pro abortion people have no clue the exact time a Baby can feel pain yet they latch on to absurd claims by pro abortion groups. I am only aware of the one video of an abortion procedure(gee what a shock) around the 1st trimester time frame. The baby clearly moves away from the implements of his death. Saying it is ok to kill an unborn Baby because it supposedly can not feel pain? It's a laughable excuse. When they vote for those on the Left, they are supporting no restriction late term abortions of viabe babies where the baby most definitely feel pain. The GOP has tried a number of times to prevent abortions past 20 weeks(unless extreme cases) only to have the Democrat party stop them each time.

4) The next thing they do is talk about the supposed hard life these unwanted children will have if we allow them to live. So in all their God like powers, they know the future of every Baby aborted? How many great people have come from poverty or foster homes, etc.? To be so arrogant to allow the deaths of innocent life because of some perceived hard life is beyond diabolical. That's like the Nazi mentality where we only want blond haired blue eyed people being born in Germany. In all their arrogance, they will deem who is deservng of life. To all the special needs kids? Your lives are not as valuable to many pro abortion people.

5) The next thing some pro choice people say is that they do not personally believe in abortion, but would afford other's the choice to end the lives of their unborn Babies. Gee, how nice of them. I always wonder how a person who personally believes that aborting his own Baby is wrong because it is ending a human life, can support allowing other babies to die. HYPOCRITE PHONEY!

6) After all the scare tactics and deceptions, their next step is to lie and say they do not support late term abortions for any reason. But when you show them that the Democrat party has become so radical to even support allowing a late term Baby born alive from a botched abortion to die, they simply don't care and will have no problem electing these people.

I am not here trying to judge any woman who has had an abortion. I am speaking for the millons of future lives that the Left has sacrificed, all under the notion they are burdens to society. I've heard many people (racists) who bring up the great many Black Babies that would be born were it not for abortions. WOW! I think the support of abortions quite often has racist over tones.

There can be no excuse for taking an innocent life other than rare extreme cases. Our culture is dieing from such little respect for innocent human life. There are absolutely millions of parents waiting to adopt these unwanted babies.

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Somebody(46) Disputed
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Well, I don't want to be involved in political debates, but I don't like logical fallacies:

1) I share your stance in that argument. Pass. (Also, if the pregnancy will most likely kill the baby AND drag the mother along to the grave, it also probably facilitate an abortion.)

2) It is the pro-lifers that are using emotional language in the first place. The pro-choicers just dispel that emotional language. (Actually, they are also guilty of this, which is why I don't like politics, b/c it's a dumb place where people never actually uses reason)

3) Well, nothing to speak here, since I'm not a scientist with pro tools. But you are leaving out a part here, which is that these babies will suffer even more if they are born to a painful death.

4) Over-generalization on the pro-choice side here, but you are not allowed to fight it with your own over-generalizations. Anyway, how many leaders or mass murderers would be born from those people are irrelevant. The debate here is about abortion.

5) If there are people who does that, I don't like them either. Pass.

6) Examples? When you propose sth, you need evidence. Give me some in your response.

P.S. I am refuting pro-choice, so my arguments will go to pro-life. However, I do believe that abortion is only justified in some circumstances (risk to mother's life, rape and incest, etc.)

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Despite the fact that fetuses in the womb are not technically alive yet, aborting them would deprive them from any chance at life at all. In this regard, aborting a baby in the womb is just as bad as killing a baby outside the womb. Sure, neither have developed the cognitive skill to care, and neither have made an impact on the world, but if they live, they will eventually. This is a little personal, but my brother was an unexpected pregnancy, and my parents had been tempted to abort him, but they didn't, and now he is a doctor, a husband, a father, and an all-around good guy, who I couldn't imagine living without. Sure, if he never existed, I wouldn't know with life WITH him would be like, and neither would he, but that is no excuse to prevent a soon-to-be person from living a life. Despite these statements, I do concede that if a woman's life is in danger, abortion may be necessary. However, I am a self-identified liberal, and I believe that health care should be provided for the woman to try to prevent this scenario. I also think a woman with an unwanted pregnancy (say from rape) should be taken care of by the state to make the 9 month experience as painless and inexpensive as possible, and that newborn babies should also be treated with the up-most care in adoption agencies, where most unwanted pregnancies would probably go. I understand that a world with these benefits does not exist, and making abortion illegal without them could have problems, but even so, an imperfect existence is better than no existence, and most people saved from abortion would probably agree.

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Of course it is bad. It's not the babies fault that he/she wasn't wanted.

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Though I support choice, abortion is a worst case option. It causes depression in many women, and like any surgical procedure, it does have an element of risk. I've always detested the right's lie that the left is pro-abortion - I'm pro-choice. I don't like abortion, I recognize the necessity.

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