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 Why does the Left deny the science of Biology? Are they Flat Earthers? (2)

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Why does the Left deny the science of Biology? Are they Flat Earthers?

For those on the Left to keep harping about people on the Right supposedly not accepting Science, is yet one more example of their deceptive hypocrisy.

Biology? Hello? Did you miss Biology classes when they were describing the natural sexual design of our bodies? Science explained our sexual body parts and the natural order to human sexuality. They told us the normal function of our sexual parts and how they were designed to fit together.

I must have missed the classes where the Science of Biology explained how Homosexuality was another natural sexual orientation.

So I guess those on the Left are no different then the Flat Earthers. The Progressive Left needed to some how come up with a new Science, a new alphabet... LBGTQRXUVWXYZ that fit in with their new age Political Correct Science.

If you refuse to embrace the Left's new Political Correct Biology, you are labeled a Homophobe. It's something akin to today's Flat Earthers demanding the world embrace their beliefs of the Earth being Flat. Does that make sense to you?

LGBT activist groups have no leg to stand on when denying the Science of Biology, so their only option is to demonize those of us who listened and accepted scientific facts.

They took the actions of a minority of hateful bullies, and labeled anyone denying their new PC Science as, Homophobes, Gay haters, bullies, etc. etc.
They screamed how we were intolerant of diversity, etc. all so they could deny the Science that did not agree with their lifestyles.

People who are sick of Gay activist groups forcing their new LGBT Science down our throats, do not hate Gays!
We are not Homophobes!
We do not want to deny them equal rights! (Each individual State's marriage laws are not matters of equal rights no matter how much you scream it is)

People such as myself do not believe Gays should be discriminated from jobs opportunities, etc.
We are glad they can now see their partners in Hospitals, etc.

This does not mean people of faith must allow Gay activists to sue the Church, forcing acceptance of Gay Sunday school teachers, even though Homosexuality is a sin in their faith.
God also grasps the science of Biology... go figure. He of course created us so I would think he understands it.

You don't believe in God? That's your right, but does not give you the right to force others to believe and embrace your new age Flat Earth nonsense of LGBT Biology.

I have no beef with Gay people who do not flaunt their sexual orientations on the world. Those who respect the beliefs of others, and respect a parents rights to protect their children from this new LGBT science.

The beef I have is with LGBT activist groups, and the Left, for using LGBT issues as political weapons against the Right.

We as Americans have a right to defend the science of Biology. We have a right to keep so called Transgender boys who think they are girls out of our daughter's bathrooms. WE HAVE RIGHTS AS WELL!

We are sick of political LGBT activists forcing their new age science of sexual orientations into our public schools, our privately owned Christian businesses, our Churches, etc. etc.

If you want respect, give respect. It's that simple.
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Now we will hear about so called gay animals, the ones we never see in our pets, our farm animals, etc. etc.

These activist groups will grasp at anything to try and claim the Earth is flat.

We as Americans have the right to keep boys who want to dress up like girls out of our girl's sport's programs!