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 Why doesn't the Left use the media to educate women about seeing doctor after rape? (4)

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Why doesn't the Left use the media to educate women about seeing doctor after rape?

Have you ever wondered why we hear so little about what a woman should do after a rape? It's because the Pro abortion Left wants you to believe that abortion is the only answer to rape pregnancy.

NO! THERE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A PREGNANCY IF THE WOMAN IS EDUCATED TO SEE A DOCTOR! Conception can be prevented within a day or so after the rape!

Extreme pro abortion Democrat Politicians will scream that not all women can get to a doctor a day or two after a rape.
For those very very rare exceptions, if she gets pregnant she will have to carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption if she wants to.

But this is not what the Left wants. They want women to be ignorant to their choices after a rape. They want all abortions legal for any reason and use these ludicrous rape excuses to scare women.
It's pretty sickening that the Left cares so little about women, that they are willing to put a woman through the Hell of abortion, rather than simply teaching her to go to a doctor.

It's truly sickening how the Left uses women for their political gain.
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If girls and women were educated to the fact that a rape is not their fault, and that they must tell people, and go to the doctors, then there is no need for the trauma of Rape pregnancies.

EDUCATION! I thought the Left was big on education?

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Because men are too fucking stupid to stop raping us..............................................................................................................

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That vulgar reply makes as much sense as NOTHING!

You never answered my question. Why didn't you go to the doctor?

Your next vulgar reply will be your last. I will add you to my ban list once again.

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I wish you would listen to this video. It's Abby Johnson's testimonial of her conversion from a big time Pro abortion supporter working for Planned Parenthood, to a strong advocate for Pro life.

The movie "Unplanned" was based on her true story. It tells the truth of what Planned Parenthood abortion's trade is all about...MONEY, and having nothing to do with a woman's health.