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Why is Bill Clinton on the verge of throwing support to Bachmann?!?!


The day after seeing Bachmann at the Iowa State Fair Bill Clinton announced that he would like to meet with her to discuss campaing strategy and other things.

Is it because bill is an avid supporter of women for president?

Is it because he's a closet Republican?

Is it something else?

Avid women supporter

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Closet Republican

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God! I hope she didn't choke on that thing ;)

| Side: Avid women supporter

he's definitely not a republican...he just wants to plow her. probably saw that picture and got hot.

| Side: Avid women supporter

That is one really one corn dog. Where is the sauce?---------

| Side: Avid women supporter
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Are you sure it was Monica Lewinsky ?

| Side: something else

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