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Why is our government so stupid???? And how do we fix it???

our government is stupid

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We have the wrong people in office and that’s been going on for years. This big craze with obama is because he was the first elected negro voted into office.

The voters did not really pay attention to who he is, other then lets all vote for the negro and if you don’t vote for him you must be a bigot.

I saw a man signing his name on these bailout before he was voted in and to me that was a big red flag.

Now there talking about bailing out Greece with US dollars?

I’m a believer that it’s time to take back this country even if we have to string up a few people to get a point across. And that means starting with the white house.

We’ve already been bush-whacked enough!! This country needs "People that are for the People".

You are absolutely right. THe biggest problem is that they believe they know better than you and I . They refuse to listen to what the people in the street have to say, just keep on adding more taxes daily, take away our freedom often, and totally ignore the Constitution . We should start by throwing out all the judges from the supreme court. Then follow up by removing all lawyers from their offices, most politicians are of course lawyers. Bring the torches and pitchforks.

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Alright, my first post so I'll bite.

I assume that the main country of focus here is the United States of America. In which case I would like to make a couple points of why the government is what is being called 'stupid'.

I would like to primarily like to say that the government is more along the lines of a Videocracy or Logocracy rather than republic (Those of you who think the USA is a democracy need a little lesson on government). People are voting for whom they think looks better (Videocracy) or who has the best wording (Logocracy, examples would be 'family man' or 'free ice cream'). This causes people who are ill fit for the job to be in power, and as an effect of such the government is in essence 'stupid'.

I have a couple ways to solve this, one simple and one extreme. The simple one would be to simply educate people somehow, ranging from simple classes on propaganda to requiring people know enough about the current political situation to vote. The extreme one would be to put a 'blind vote' into effect. A 'blind vote' is where the candidates are unknown and only their policies are known. This way people only have what the candidates are going to try to do rather than who the candidates are. This however is wide open to abuse. Anyone care too add?

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I agree that when stupid people vote, they elect stupid people. One reason Bush got elected, he was just as stupid as the general public. They actually believed he was one of them. To many it was a surprise their was someone dumber than them.

The USA is clearly a Videocracy and Logocracy, vainity is everywhere. To end this cycle, will never happen. Everything in the USA is bought and paid for, capitalism. Even politicians are bought and paid for.

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This is my first post so we'll see how it goes.

I suppose we are talking about America and in that case there are a few opinions from me as to why the government is so stupid. Firstly our country was created with a system that would work in a "perfect society." This is to say that if people weren't corrupt and inherently evil that this system would work, but obviously that's not the case. Look at Marxism, which lead to communism. Sure it sounds good if everybody has equal share in all aspects of the country but there are those who are willing to take advantage of the system (i.e. Stalin) by giving the people nothing and keeping the riches and whatnot for themselves. Sound familiar? Sounds kinda like where our country is going, keeping the money at the top and giving the poor and middle classes nothing but meager wages that are just enough to keep us content in our happy little lives. There needs to be some kind of revolution where the people actually do have a say and the people at the top don't take bribes or campaign "donations" to give their rich friends loopholes in laws and effectively giving them power.

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I think our government is pushing us in the wrong direction, the future generation (teens) are going to have to pay off the debt that obumer has put us in. All those promises that he didnt keep, and all those stupid and pointless stimulus bills and what not, this administration is killing america as we know it. I think we just need to get back on the rebublican side, sure bush wasnt the best ill admit that, but it was better than whats going on now, and everyone says that obumer inherited the debt, well so did bush, from clinton.

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Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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Definitely had to respond to this one. The economy was just fine when Bush took office, so what the $#@& are you talking about? I know it was a false economy, so let me guess we are in a false recession now. There is saying, "Keep your mouth shut and you might pass as semi-intelligent." Damn party loyal Republican idiots, can't handle the truth even when it is to their benefit.

Side: The people have spoken