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 Why should anyone take you seriously? (5)

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Why should anyone take you seriously?

Why should anyone listen to what you have to say?
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In my opinion


-Because my existence is not a joke.

(And I was created not of nonsense but for a reason that cannot be taken back.

I take them seriously

after read your argument

+We got the same reason, my God is my path, my wall, my provider and my everything. For I deny myself, for my words are not of myself and our God took his place .

Because I am a fucking majestic being with a magnificent brain, body and soul.

TzarPepe(798) Clarified
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You claim that you exhibit, according to merriam-webster, "sovereign power, authority, or dignity".

Make a case for your claim.

The case has been made. I pull out of thin air my brain... My body... My soul, everyone bows and cheers WOOP WOOP!!!!!!!!!


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I am not important. I am a cartoon frog. Who I am makes no difference.

What am I saying? Do my words have merit on their own? I am not the one to take seriously. Words that are true are worth taking seriously. Why? It is the truth that sets you free.

If what I am saying is true, let the truth stand clear apart from any error. It doesn't matter who speaks a word of truth, a word of truth is a word of truth.

How can you be so confident that your understanding about anything is true? How can you have so much faith in it?

I know nothing. I am uncertain. I don't trust my perceptions.

But the God I believe in is The Supreme and Ultimate Reality. I believe that salvation is only from The Supreme and Ultimate Reality. I call this my God.

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TzarPepe(798) Clarified
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I don't use facebook, and I don't plan on it.

Whatever it is you linked to, I can't see it.