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 Why would you believe anything on faith? (47)

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Why would you believe anything on faith?

I never understood why some people use faith to justify their beliefs. Is there anything you couldn't believe on faith? Your position on any given subject is either true or false and whether you take it on faith or not is irrelevant to whether that position is the correct one. I find it funny when someone tells me that they know something to be true because their faith tells them that it is true. Knowledge is demonstrable. If you can't show it then you don't know it. Faith is a good way to be wrong. 
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I don't need to read the OP to know that it is born of the writer's faith in thinking that death exonerates him and he will not be judged by God.

Faith is what moves us to act upon things we cannot see, like when you are paid by a check and cannot see the real money. You take that check to the bank in faith, believing you will get the real money. If the check does not bounce, your faith is proved to be valid. If the check bounces, your faith in the check is invalidated.

Militant atheism, which primarily tries to discredit the gospel of Jesus Christ and the reality of Judgement at His throne which all must appear for, is so mindless and blinded by it's own anger that it causes many of it's followers to lose their ability to reason.

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I'll drink to that! If we would start to look at FACTS that show WE are responsible for our own lives and planet, not some "god" that will save us, (even if we kill ourselves and everything around us!), take us to a better place where everything is peaceful and right. It should punish us for destroying its "creation" and "creations". The whole concept makes NO sense!

The one about the 72 virgins is even MORE ridiculous! That's about a 3 months supply ... for eternity. Good deal! Twenty people die ... a tragedy, BUT, ONE was saved ... a MIRACLE from GOD! No, somebody fucked up, and one was lucky! We can't survive on mythology, we need to face the FACTS ... and not the "alternate ones"!

Grugore(229) Disputed
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Faith is based on evidence. For instance, I believe in God because of evidence. I realize that some fools claim that there is no evidence, but that is the reason I call them fools.

SexyJesus(111) Disputed
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Have you looked in the dictionary under 'faith'? Here you go: belief that is not based on proof. Provide your evidence, and collect your Nobel prize, or don't. Not my problem if you think I'm the fool when you're the one who bases their life on a foundation of wishful thinking.

TzarPepe(760) Disputed
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What determines the facts?

If there was no reality, there would be no facts.

You believe in reality on faith.

If you believe the essence of reality is true, you believe that there is a Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

You believe in the ultimate reality on faith.

If you do not believe in the supreme being, you do not even really believe in facts, as there are no facts without supreme truth.

If you do not believe in ultimate reality, concocting facts is a creative game. However, unbelief in ultimate reality does not undermine the necessary fact that it exists.

Understand what I mean by faith, and then read this.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. "

Wolfgang666(171) Disputed
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Whether reality is real or not is irrelevant to the fact that I live in it. Even if reality is just a simulation and we are all in the matrix it is still reality as it pertains to us.

You literally just described faith as belief through gullibility. You believe in things that you can't physically experience because someone told you to.

That is the very definition of a fool.

NowASaint(1352) Clarified
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You sure are responsible for your own life....and you will give account of every moment of your time to God whom you want dead.

cruzaders(264) Disputed
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If you are so sure that god doesnt exist please post here: Does Godexist_34#arg872496

cuz for the moment there are no atheists who refute convincingly the theistic arguments

AlofRI(1938) Clarified
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Actually, I don't give a damn about atheistic OR theistic arguments. I looked the situation over and decided theistic arguments made no sense. I have not seen one that did, all resemble mythology and I have not seen ONE thing in my 80 years to change my mind. You believe what YOU want, I'll certainly believe what I want, and nothing on the www will change that.

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Faith is something that is believed especially with strong conviction.

That being the case, if you are convinced of something because of "facts", that would mean that you have faith in what you have been convinced of.

Why would you believe anything on faith

Because without faith, you would actually have a mental illness and be combined to a floor in a room locked up.

You wouldn't be able to eat food for fear it was bad.

You wouldn't get married for fear of a divorce.

You wouldn't have sex for fear of your willy falling off.

You wouldn't be able to walk for fear of your legs giving out.

You would need a helmet, armor, and a food taster for your food , but ironically you wouldn't have faith in them either.

Wolfgang666(171) Disputed
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You are mistaking the word faith as synonym for evidence. I believe that the food I eat is safe to do so because I have a reasonable expectation that it is based on evidence and past experiences. If the meat in my fridge smells wrong then I know that it might not be good.

You don't understand logical deduction. That doesn't make you crazy, just stupid.

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We have plenty of evidence. The fact that you can't acknowledge it makes you weak and afraid.

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You can only believe in evolution, you can't show it. Your faith is taking you into the fire of Hell, and that will be shown to you if you will not believe it and repent of your sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ who is God the Son who died for you.

" Faith is a good way to be wrong"

Like having faith that nothing manifested reality from its magical nothingness....

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What is even more absurd is the adherence people have to the idea that wishful thinking concerning not a deity, but their deity automatically puts them on a moral high ground. Never mind the fact that there exists no evidence to support the claim of a god, much less one that created us or even gives a shit about us, never mind that if such a deity did exist then out of the thousands of gods that have been dreamed up by mankind, one of them happened to get it right, and you just happened to be born into it. I'm not going to make a religion out of an imaginary friend, nor am I going to get in someone's face to tell them I'm a better person than they are until they bow down to my imaginary friend, so if you have an imaginary friend and you want to tell me I'm going to an imaginary hell over it, FUCK OFF AND DO IT IN YOUR OWN CORNER. I won't bother you until your imaginary friend tells you to change legislature.

Grugore(229) Disputed
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News flash! That friend of yours...It's not imaginary. That's the Devil, whispering in your ear. Better wake up and smell the coffee.

SexyJesus(111) Disputed
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Uh- huh. The devil. Another character shamelessly dreamed up and paraded, and one of the more useful tools of the "spiritually" minded to claim moral superiority. Complete with equal supporting evidence to confirm its existence as the christian god, Thor, Santa Clause, mermaids, the list goes on and on. If you want to live your life in perpetual fear of the boogeyman, that's you're problem, but the rest of us have outgrown that shit.

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All definitions from Merriam-Webster

Definition of evidence

1 a : an outward sign : indication

b : something that furnishes proof : testimony; specifically : something legally submitted to a tribunal to ascertain the truth of a matter

2 : one who bears witness

Definition of proof

1 a : the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact

Definition of faith

: something that is believed especially with strong conviction

Definition of conviction

2 a : a strong persuasion or belief

b : the state of being convinced

3 a : the act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the admission of a truth

b : the state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth


Basically, what all this means is.. proof is evidence that mind has been changed, which is always the result being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth.

Faith! If you believe anything at all, you believe on faith.

Why would anyone think otherwise? They have superstitious ideas.

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Faith is by evidence, beliefs are not faith.

There is a difference, and its a big difference.