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Will Eliot Spitzer's Wife File for Divorce?

See CNN Story (

Damn Right

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Nah, she'll stick around

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She should. Spitzer is such a two-faced liar. That's the kind of behavior you'd expect from a Republican. EDIT: If he was a Republican it probably would have been a male prostitute.
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Side: Damn Right
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She will eventually file for divorce. There's no way you can find out your husband has been creepin with a variety of prostitutes behind your back over the years and then stay with him. It's just impossible.
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I think she'll definitely stick around. There was a picture of them holding hands in the New York Times -- it seems like she's appeared with him almost every time he's been in public. I think it's a sick and sleazy political gesture for her to be appearing with him in a show of support. If I were her, I'd leave his ass and come out with my own statement about how much of a corrupt jerk he is.
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