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He'll destroy him That Filipino's luck is gone
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Will Manny Pacquiao defeat Floyd Mayweather?

After knocking out both Oscar de la Hoya AND Ricky Hattan, is it possible that boxer Manny "the Pac-Man" Pacquiao will conquer Floyd Mayweather as well? Feel free to express yourselves, boxing fans and not, because this is a very important topic

He'll destroy him

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That Filipino's luck is gone

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After watching Pacquiao's fight against Hatton last night, I think it would be impossible to believe there is anyone on this planet that could take him on right now. While Mayweather went out as the best pound for pound fighter in the world, I think him taking off time is going to hurt him too much to come back and fight Pacquiao.

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I agree, Pacquiao is extremely athletic and lightning fast, and he has been in a couple recent fights against very good opponents, beating them all. I'll also point out Morales, a fighter who defeated Pacquiao on a decision, was knocked out twice by Pacquiao in the two following fights and the poor guy can barely talk anymore.

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based on what we see from his fights, manny paquiao has the thing to beat floyd. speed, tactics and a scorching left hook.

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I didn't watch the fight last night and I'm sorry I didn't. I used to follow Mayweather but haven't in some time. I know he took some time off but will that be to his detriment? It very well may be, but time has a way of taking itself both ways. Will Manny have enough time between fights to recover? I'd love to see Floyd Mayweather pull one out but I'm no longer certain he can.

Side: it is not luck it is real