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 Will Trump be re-elected as President? (23)

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Will Trump be re-elected as President?

Hello, I am a student.  I do not live in America.  I was wondering what Americans think.
Will Donald Trump be re-elected as President?  Yes or No and please tell me why.

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You're on the wrong medium.

Try 'MYSTIC MEG ' the fortune teller and she'll check it out in her crystal ball.

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Probably. Once he has destroyed the FBI, placed Evangelicals in the SCOTUS, flooded the judiciary with puppet judges and silenced the "fake news" so that the only news is what HE wants U.S. to hear, he will be King and won't NEED an election.

cruzaders(341) Clarified
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dunno how he could silence the news though, does the president have some kind of authority on it?

NicolasCage(506) Clarified
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No, the president has no authority over the press, however he can silence the news in more legal and subtle ways - in fact, he's already doing it with this whole "FAKE NEWS" narrative. He's convinced his supporters that any news which criticises him and his agenda is "fake" and "liberal bias", and that anything which supports him is the complete truth.

Have you noticed how the alt-right constantly call CNN, the BBC, etc "fake" whilst you never hear a word from them on even worse publications which routinely fabricate stories such as Breitbart?

AlofRI(2819) Clarified
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He's learning a lot from his advisor, Putin, who has THAT little ditty down pat!

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Probably. Once he has destroyed the FBI

The FBI did that on their own, from the Hillary Email debacle to Peter Strzok's texts, to mass leaks from everywhere. Even liberals used to want Comey gone. They spun that narrative 180 degrees pretty quick.

placed Evangelicals in the SCOTUS

Oh dear. America will stay the same as it's always been. Hit the fire alarm!

flooded the judiciary with puppet judges

It's flooded with liberal puppet judges as we speak. It's why every executive migrant block is met by a federal liberal judge at the door.

and silenced the "fake news"

He actually treats them better than Obama treated Fox News.

so that the only news is what HE wants U.S. to hear

I doubt it. Liberal media never shuts up until a lib gets back in office. Then they ignore everything bad and lift up their new messiah.

he will be King and won't NEED an election.

Only Obama talks about third terms.

AlofRI(2819) Clarified
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WOW! I really tickled your hemorrhoids this time! What a RANT! I'll just point out ONE little thing that separates Obama from the Trump.

Obama to his newly appointed attorneys (when he first met with them: "I appointed you, but you DO NOT work for ME. You serve the American people and I expect you to act with independence and integrity."

In contrast, The Trump insists, first, on their loyalty to HIM! Rather "Putinesque" I would say. (And you don't have to agree ... you can Trump it! (lie). :-)

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As much as I absolutely do not agree with most of what he does. If the Democrats don't step it up and put someone worthy (or at least worthier than Hillary) as a candidate, he very well may. If they put someone good up to run for Presidency then I think Trump will be gone, if he survives the term as it is now.

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Sadly, he might, if he doesn't get impeached in his first term.

Yes, Trump will be re elected in a landslide!

Everything he is doing is restoring America's freedoms, and it's free market economy. He is a breath of fresh air after decades of corrupt politicans who only care for their big money donors.

Trump needed no one to buy his election. He is not beholden to anyone. His entire focus is for America and it's citizens. He's not in it for money or power.

He could go down as the greatest President in our lifetimes. He's cutting useless regulations hurting job growth, our economy is exploding, our 401k's exploding, he's cutting taxes for the working man, ISIS is losing their strongholds, he's protecting American's with a conscious from paying to kill unborn babies, illegal immigration is going down, etc. etc.

Completely depends on who the Democrats put forward as a candidate. If they provide someone half-decent then Trump's done for; most of America dislike him enough as it is.

However, I personally can't think of anyone who might be a good nominee, so I'm afraid you Americans may be looking at another 4 years.