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Will an other war break out between North and South Korea?

A peace treaty has never been signed and violent escalations have occurred recently.

Take this news article for example on the latest skirmish to occur between them.


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With all these tensions rising once more and the possibility of the North having nukes a war is quite plausible.

| Side: yes

I think it is quite possible with the North's increased hostilities. when war does break out, it won't only be North vs South. I think that the US and UN will back up the south if it feels necessary.

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Well first you must consider the fact that the North and South have been in a technical state of war ever since the end of the Korean War. There was never a peace agreement, only a conditional cease-fire between the two parties. And yes, I do believe that things will flare up into a full scale conflict once again. This time however, China is the key. China can bring a swift victory against North Korea or it can complicate things by aiding the North. Either way, it seems military conflict is inevitable.

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mudkipz2(356) Disputed
1 point

the main threat with china is that if war breaks out china will invade and take over north Korea further causing regional instability. so i think china could end the war quick, but not how we want it.

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Spence2020(3) Disputed
1 point

Why would China want to invade North Korea? The primary reason they are supporting North Korea right now is because they don't want a huge influx of North Koreans to cross the their borders and bring instability if there is a collapse. Also the U.S. has a considerable presence in South Korea so if you think China would aid North Korea and we'd do nothing about it you are mistaken.

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0 points

You just sat there and delivered that steaming pile of bullshit and yet you admit that you haven't the faintest clue what China will do. Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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1 point

Considering that fact that they are already in pre-war conditions,I'm going to go with more than likely. It's no secret that North and South Korea aren't exactly"allies" of each other and war between the two is always bound to happen. The real question is if and how will this war between the two will affect the U.S.

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yes but I sure hope not, we are at risk......................................................................................

Supporting Evidence: rta cabinets (
| Side: yes

I hope so. The news has been kinda boring lately. A war would spice things up ;)

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yeonny(19) Disputed
1 point

Would you say the same thing if it had something to do with your own country as well?

| Side: no

No. I want my country to attack Iran. ;-)

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No. It would be suicide for North Korea to stage an all out attack. They just want to push the south as far as they can without a war breaking out. They're like an annoying child throwing spitballs.

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mudkipz2(356) Disputed
1 point

you do know that the countries we deal with now are not very intelligent and the past two countries we invaded said around the same stuff.

North Korea has stated it is in drastic need for food and will use military means to get it. so not only is there necessities here, but a crazy leader in command who has his only power in the military.

| Side: yes

North and South Korea are already at war. They have been at war with each other for several years and still are to this day, so to say "another war will break out" is technically impossible since they would have to make peace first for them to go to war again. They signed an armistice several years back in which they agreed to cease hostilities, but that may not be in effect for much longer.

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I don't think wars will occur again. At least, North korea attacks South korea again like last year. Another attacks will lead to war somehow. It's plausible but the chances would be less than 40%.

| Side: no

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