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Will science be rendered obsolete?

Science can tell you what something does, but it can't tell you what something "is" existentially.Humans are capable of perceiving two worlds, a conceptual subjective world and a physical world of objective causes, effects and mechanics, but they are also capable of deducing that there may be something more than that. Spiritual, theological and metaphysical thought is nothing more than a pathetic attempt at contacting that world which lies beyond our perception, which conflates our conceptual subjective world with the illusive unicorn farts of the supreme being. But will humanity ever develop an ACTUAL way to ACTUALLY perceive and study something that ACTUALLY exists beyond the limits of what we call "physical reality" ?


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Will science be rendered obsolete?

Depends. Will intellectual discourse cease? The IntellectualCowardiceofFactMachine

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I think the human study of things like "dark matter" and "wormholes" and other "theoretical" entities shows that we CAN perceive and study that beyond the limits of physical reality.

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Those things are not beyond the limits of physical reality, they are just beyond our direct perception and current understanding of physical reality. It's like a microscopic organism, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not part of physical reality. There is a difference between something which is beyond OUR PERCIEVED physical reality and something which is "superphysical" or beyond physics.

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It will evolve into something better, like alchemy evolved into chemistry.

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It would be foolish for people to turn their backs on science which has brought us wonderful advantages when put to use in medicine, architecture, transport, environmental understanding, and all sorts of ways. The ethical use of science will continue to bring human progress for some time to come.

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