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Will shopping at the mall be replaced by online shopping in years to come?

What do you think?Is it cheaper to shop online or at a mall? FOR OR AGAINST


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Yes ..Mall shopping will become obsolete after some years as people do not get more time to visit malls and shop..Nowadays Online shooping is more in trend .

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Shopping malls are like magnet to steel. People love them and will continue to shop at them.

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We are already seeing the effect of web stores on brick and mortar. If you go to any store that used to be a get everything store (hardware, drug, department) you see that they no longer carry the breadth of product. The mall in my city has all but died! I do not see this changing soon. I only see the online store distribution model becoming an almost immediate process. Order this morning get this afternoon, order this afternoon get it tonight, order it tonight and get it in the morning.

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