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She'd be a lunch lady She'd have escaped Arkansas
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What Would Hillary Clinton have been without Bill?

What would Hillary have been without Bill?




She'd be a lunch lady

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She'd have escaped Arkansas

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She would have still been a succesful attorney, so yes I believe she would have escaped Arkansas.

But would she have been a worldwide celebrity, and a wielder of political power. No. I've said before on this site - she doesn't have the presence and speaking skills to stand out enough to have gotten there all on her own. It was through Bill Clinton that she got onto that stage.

And now she needs to get off of it and stay off.

Side: She'd have escaped Arkansas
FromWithin(6011) Disputed
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This coming from the deceptive loser who voted for her. That's the inteligence of Liberals. Voting for a woman riding the coat tails of another.

Side: She'd be a lunch lady
Grenache(6106) Disputed
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I'll take lucky to be famous over famous for being an ahole.

In reality we shouldn't have had to choose from either of them.

Side: She'd have escaped Arkansas