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Would you be atheist if your religion didn't exist considering your life experie

Yeah i guess i would

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No way

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I am agnostic/atheist and if I had a religion and my life experience ledme to severely doubt it then I'd unconvert myself.

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What's even more amazing is how all those things stopped happening as soon as anyone brought a camera. Even more proof of the supernatural, I'm sure.

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jeffreyone(1227) Disputed
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Ok then. Lets forget about my absurd statements. Have you heard of Dynamo or mystifier? These people are always on camera and they also do whatever they do with a lot of eye witnesses around. They cause traffic at times. What am tryna prove is, if these people can give proof of the existence of demons through abilities they exhibit, it automatically proves the existence of God in the common sense.

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Dermot(4989) Disputed
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Dynamo is a trained magician and practices the art of the magician as in illusions and close up magic , sadly you seem to think these are genuine feats of supernatural magic and prove the existence of demons :)

you really are clueless

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Have you heard of Dynamo or mystifier? These people are always on camera and they also do whatever they do with a lot of eye witnesses around. They cause traffic at times. What am tryna prove is, if these people can give proof of the existence of demons through abilities they exhibit, it automatically proves the existence of God in the common sense.

First of all, Dynamo and Mystifier are 'magicians' who do stage magic and sleight of hand to entertain. Neither claim to have connections to the spirit realm. Are you trying to use entertainers as proof of 'demons'?

And beyond that, how would a person actually being able to make something superhuman happen serve as proof of God? Just because you can't explain something doesn't make it unexplainable.

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KNHav(1957) Disputed
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I will spare boring you with the talking donkey. Lol

The Bible is a crazy book. And with confirmation of miraculous also.

So if the Book is proven and it turns out He is the Creator, He likely can sentence Satan to be a talking serpent. And deliver a surprise rebuke by the mouth of a donkey.

So the question, is the evidence compelling enough that at minimum someone else is at least on ground that is reasonable for believing it.

Fulfilled prophesies, to science, to hidden codes and more offers enough reason to conclude at minimum, people of Judaism and Christianity use their minds, and have valid reasons to believe what they believe.

I want to mention an indication of a miracle in archeology. In my evaluation evidence of this miracle gains points weighted heavy in favor of reasonable validation of a miracle, and one that stands mockingly at skeptics in archeology.

We know of The Walls of Jericho...

When you stop laughing I will continue. Lol 😄

So The Walls of Jericho. They marched 7 days around it and blew trumpets. And the walls came down.

Science - Sound can shatter glass, vibration also has effects. So following God's instructions to men without them with advanced knowledge to calculate scientific data of vibrations and sounds.

Either they were an army of men stomping like 2 year olds around a city wall, or they were led by someone with a keen measure of scientific understanding.

Could an army of 40,000 men marching laboriously around the wall for 7 days have caused a collapse?

The thought of it to begin with seems like anadvanced thought beyond their basic understandings by their natural experiences.

So thats a small factor. But still it is a factor to consider.

But even more so there are other real interesting details of this story.

There were spies that went in and came back very scared. 2 went in and were helped by a woman named Rahab.

For Rahab's cooperation she was promised her household would be spared. She was instructed to hang a red rope out of the window. And God would spare her household for this good thing she did.

And Rahabs home was in the wall that God was going to make fall.

So imagine the faith of this woman Rahab, as the vibrations were felt as Israel marched around the wall.

Well the wall of Jericho is found in geology. And it is in the correct timeline which is specific and somewhat easy to identify. And just as told in the North wall etc... there is one dwelling not leveled to rubble.

But as with everything validating the Bible, real tools of the trade are selectively dismissed when it comes to validating the Bible

So it is very curious that they found one dwelling intact in the rubble. And God promised one dwelling spared for Rahab, who risked her life. And chose to reverence the God of Israel, and help Joshua's army.

* From an article link below-

Pottery found by John Garstang in the 1930s in the destruction layer at Jericho (note evidence of burning). This distinctive pottery, decorated with red and black geometric patterns, was in use only in the later part of the 15th century BC, the time of the Israelite Conquest according to Biblical chronology.

Archaeology—subject as it is to archaeologists’ decisions, interpretations and even biases—is admittedly not an exact science. Yet, when viewed objectively, the evidence uncovered at Jericho precisely fits with the Biblical account.

Rather than disproving the Bible, when findings from Jericho are correctly interpreted, the exact opposite is the case.

In all aspects of the Biblical account that can be verified by archaeology, the evidence from Jericho supports the accuracy of the Bible in every detail.

(Reprint by permission from GoodNews 7.2 [2002]: 10-11).

In spite of such major problems with her conclusions, Kenyon’s view remains entrenched in the minds of many to this day. Yet in reality what Kenyon, Garstang and other excavators have found at Jericho correlates precisely with the account in the book of Joshua.

They found collapsed walls, not walls that were broken down from the outside but that had fallen down (Jos 6:20).

The walls had not fallen inward, but outward, creating a ramp of fallen bricks by which the Israelites “went up into the city, every man straight before him” (Jos 6:20).

The unusually large stores of carbonized grain found in the ruins showed that the city had endured only a short siege, which the Bible numbers at seven days (Jos 6:12–20), and that the grain had been recently harvested (Jos 3:15).

Also, because grain was a valuable commodity almost always plundered by conquering forces, the large amount of grain left in the ruins is puzzling—but consistent with God’s command that nothing in the city be taken except valuable metals to be used for the treasury of the LORD (Jos 6:24).

The city had also been burned, exactly as the Bible records (Jos 6:24). As Kathleen Kenyon herself noted:

The destruction was complete. Walls and floors were blackened or reddened by fire, and every room was filled with fallen bricks, timbers, and household utensils; in most rooms the fallen debris was heavily burnt, but the collapse of the walls of the eastern rooms seems to have taken place before they were affected by the fire (Wood 1990:56).

As she observed, the walls had collapsed before the city was burned—again, exactly as the Bible states.

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jeffreyone(1227) Clarified
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Stupid cowards called atheists do not believe in the bible. You are wasting your time if keep explaining things to them with bible verses. They have no regard or respect for it.

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Your argument is basically you've seen things you couldn't explain so therefore supernatural exists.

1) You could have mental illness. (I'm not accusing you of that, I'm just making an exhaustive list).

2) You could be reacting to drugs or something in your environment.

3) You could have been socialized to believe in the supernatural and now go out of your way to find examples. People who believe in ghosts often see evidence of them while others are unimpressed.

4) The supernatural forces may not be whom you think they are. It may not be a God and Satan at all but instead your deceased grandparents or Greek gods from Olympus, or influence from some other dimension.

5) If the supernatural is so super why does it present itself in these ways only to you and only in such odd and small ways. Why doesn't it turn your car upside down?

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I'd say (2) is the main reason for him.

He is almost always on drugs, as it seems.

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jeffreyone(1227) Disputed
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Most of what i mentioned weren't seen by only me. There were other witnesses. Some are even on Tv. Even al jazeera was here to shoot a video of such things(the public ones). And there are video of it on youtube posted by al jazeera. A fetish priest called kwaku bonsam demonstrated those demonic sorcery arts before their cameras. If you do not believe me.....its on youtube.

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Dermot(4989) Disputed
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Oh dear , you really should stop embarrassing yourself with your nonsense ; I had a look at the you tube clips of this idiot demonstrating his ' powers ' to unfortunate half dressed backward people , one demonstration has him cutting himself ( no blood ) with the unsharpened side of a sword .... pathetic only idiots like you and the backward primitive villagers fall for this .

Fortunately the more educated Ghanaians on you tube call this fucker a fake and indeed mock his juvenile nonsense , obviously you never read the comments you idiot .

Anyone who wishes to check and catch liar Jeffrey yet again just read the comments on you tube

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KNHav(1957) Disputed
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There is a directive feeding a fictional, even child fiction book narrative to Christianity, and this not what it is like in reality.

The narrative is actually untrue. And the truth is we have a great deal of reason and logic and evidence that makes Christianity and Judaism and the Jewish scriptures look like an educated well thought out choice.

It is far from absent of thought. I think the deepest thinkers I have ever seen swim in free thought and ponder things most atheists dare not let their thoughts muse or ponder.

Maybe its fear of being foolish, maybe its fear of being convinced. Idk.

My view is this straight and simple. I think its unfair to misrepresent the sound principles and reasoning of people of faith.

Its giving a beating on the basis of false information. So its not fair to project a view you may believe, based on inaccuracy.

When Im pretty sure truth be told those thinkers ibelieving in the Bible the only ones exercising true "free thought"

There is incredible evidence throughout the Bible and history proving it beyond a reasonable doubt even to the most intelligent people.

I think many are afraid to reason with the evidence with an open mind and use real application of logic.

I honestly think people are afraid to weigh the evidence.

But my point still remains. There is an extremely reasonable, logical, and educated, and intelligent reasons for believing the Bible and the God of it.

I actually think the evidence in itself in specifics are pretty solid, a few are rock solid. But I have seen numerous evidence piled up in stacks, at that point I can only say it is irrefutable!


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No. I would still search for a God or Goddess.......................................................

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No. I would still be inclined to think some of the things that has happened to me were due to some deity or divine intervention.

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I used to be atheist and had no interest at all in organized religions. Then it all changed one night - and I believe that would've happened regardless of any established, official religions of the day.

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If my religion didn't exist then nothing would exist because God is the all powerful creator.

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